Crime-Free Program


What is the International Crime-Free Self Storage Program?

The International Crime-Free Self Storage Program is designed to help facility managers keep crime and criminals off their property, improve the security and safety of the facility, and safeguard the personal property of tenants by reducing the potential for crime.

Goals of the Program:

  • Have the facility 100% occupied by law-abiding tenants
  • Provide a safe and secure facility for tenants to store important, sometimes irreplaceable, personal property
  • Prevent criminals from renting
  • Reduce, eliminate, or prevent crimes from occurring on or near the facility
  • Decrease the time between the occurrence of a crime and its discovery
  • Increase the recovery rate of stolen property

Participation in the Program:

To become a Crime-Free Facility:

  • Managers and employees must attend a training course that focuses on tenant screening, facility security, crime prevention through environmental design, a crime-free lease addendum, tenant involvement, and partnering with law enforcement.

Why Are Disc Locks So Important?

Disc locks are shackle-guard locks with a heavy-duty shackle buried inside the lock when closed. Padlocks and combination locks can be easily compromised by a pick-lock, bolt cutter, or both. The unique design of the disc lock offers superior resistance to tampering, cutting, or prying. Other benefits of disc locks include:

  • Disc locks cannot be closed without the key
  • Disc locks are very difficult to remove without the correct key
  • Disc locks are inexpensive and easy to obtain; for convenience, disc locks are available for purchase at this facility

*Cylinder locks are an acceptable alternative to disc locks due to their security features. Cylinder locks are available at participating locations only.