7 Practically Perfect Places to Hide Presents

Let’s face it; the best part of giving a present is the surprise on your loved one’s face. If they see the present ahead of time, well, it’s just not as satisfying. Plus, if you have children, they will actively search for presents! Those little rascals. To help you avoid all that and keep your present plans private, we put together this list for you! 7 Practically Perfect Places to Hide Presents. We’ll show you all the best hiding spots, stashing stations, and hidden locations!

#1: Hide Presents Your Neighbor’s House

Do you have fabulous, affable neighbors? Try to make friends with them! If you do, asking them to hide your precious presents is a great idea! That way, your kids (or your sneaky spouse) will never be able to find them! (Remember to give your neighbor a little gift for the help. That way, you can ask them again next year!)

#2: Places to Hide Presents: The Attic

OK, so this one is a classic, it’s true. However, depending on your attic, it may be perfect. If you have pull-down steps, there’s no way the little kids can get up there. Plus, attics are creepy and dusty, so no kid wants to go up there. If it’s for an adult, you can hide their gift inside something innocuous like an old suitcase. One caveat; if your gift can’t take the heat, be careful. Since it can get sweltering, the attic might not be one of the best places to hide presents. 

#3: Hide Presents at Your Work

If you have your own business or your own office at work, that’s a great hiding spot for presents! It’s highly unlikely that your spouse or kids will be rooting around in your office, that’s for sure! Of course, if it’s your own business, you may work with your spouse, making the office less ideal. Still, as far as kids go, it’s almost perfect!

#4: Places to Hide Presents: A Self Storage Unit

So, this is our favorite option, for obvious reasons. If you have many presents or a huge present, a storage unit may be the perfect hiding place. A small storage unit is affordable, clean, safe, and super-easy to access. Plus, you’ll be the only one who has the key and the code to get in the front gate! There’s no way anyone in your family will ever be able to get an early peek at their presents! If any of your gifts are sensitive to heat or cold, consider a climate-controlled unit to keep it in tip-top shape. That’s why a storage unit is the best place to hide presents! 

#5: Hide Them in the Shed

Do you have a shed on your property? If yes, that’s great! They make an excellent place to hide birthday, holiday, and wedding presents! That’s especially true if you can lock it so that your little ones don’t have any access. We suggest putting the present (or presents) into plain, unmarked boxes to help hide them. (Even better, make sure the boxes look old and damaged.)

#6: Hide Them in the Toilet Tank

OK, hear us out on this one. If you have a little present, you could put it into an airtight, water-sealed container or plastic bag. then, pop it into the water tank on your toilet. (The water in the tank is always clean!) This one is a little tricky and probably not great for anything sensitive to moisture. It’s the last place anyone would ever look! We think you have to admit, it’s one of the best places to hide presents! (Or at least one of the craziest!) 

#7: Hide Them in the Freezer

OK, so this one won’t work if the present you’re giving can’t take the cold. On the other hand, if you have, say, a small-ish Lego set for your daughter, it can freeze no problem! This is an excellent hiding spot for presents if your kids are too small to reach the freezer door. It also works perfectly for any food-based gift, like chocolates.

Bonus: The Worst Places to Hide Presents

OK, you’ve got a list of the best places to hide presents, so you’re all set. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share the worst places to hide them. That way, you won’t choose a hiding spot that foils your carefully laid plans. The five worst spots to hide presents are:

  1. Under the bed. (Everyone looks under the bed!)
  2. In the garage. A dresser drawer. 
  3. In the back of your closet. (Really?! That’s the first place any smart kid looks!)
  4. In the basement. 

Now That You Know the Best Places to Hide Presents

Now that you know the best (and worst) places to hide presents, you’re ready to go for the holiday season. If you need a little extra space to hide your presents, make sure you keep them safe with us. At StoreAmerica, we have 24/7 video security that will keep your presents safe and secure. If you have any questions, you can chat online right now with one of our friendly managers! Until then, enjoy the gift-giving festivities.

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