The Pros and Cons of Living in Santa Ana, CA

Aerial view of downtown Santa Ana

There’s no doubt Santa Ana, California, is an appealing place to call home. It has a vibrant culture, proximity to the Pacific coast, and a wide range of recreational activities. However, like any American city, Santa Ana also has some disadvantages. To help you determine the good and the bad about this lovely California city, …

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Moving to Tustin, CA Guide

Aerial view of Tustin, CA during the day time

Located in central Orange County is the fine city of Tustin, California, where phenomenal weather, fantastic restaurants, exciting nightlife, and a wide range of outdoor activities await. If you’re moving to Tustin to live and work, you’ll be glad to know it’s highly rated in many areas that matter most. To help you learn more …

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The Best Things to Do in Mission Viejo, CA

Lake Mission Viejo with houses on lake front and blue skies

If you’ve just arrived in Mission Viejo, California, or you’ll be arriving soon, there’s a good chance you have many questions about what amenities the community offers. The good news is that Mission Viejo is an exciting place with many fantastic, fun, and interesting things to do! To help you experience all of them, StorAmerica …

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The Pros and Cons of Living in Indio, CA

Aerial image of Indio with cloudy skies

Well known for its superb golfing, good weather, and laid-back lifestyle, Indio, California, is a dream location to live in for many. Of course, almost all cities and towns in the United States have at least a few drawbacks, and Indio is the same. To learn the pros and cons of living in Indio, including …

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Moving to Las Vegas, NV Guide

night skyline of Las Vegas with the moon in the background

Las Vegas has been called many things, including Sin City, the entertainment capital of the world and both the marriage/divorce capital of the world. One thing that nobody calls Las Vegas, is boring, especially in Clark County. If you’re moving to Las Vegas, NV, also known as the land of sunshine, one-armed bandits, and magnificent …

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