The Pros and Cons of Living in Santa Ana, CA

Aerial view of downtown Santa Ana

There’s no doubt Santa Ana, California, is an appealing place to call home. It has a vibrant culture, proximity to the Pacific coast, and a wide range of recreational activities. However, like any American city, Santa Ana also has some disadvantages. To help you determine the good and the bad about this lovely California city, the storage experts at StorAmerica put together the following list of pros and cons of living in Santa Ana. If that’s the information you seek today as you prepare to move, read on!

The Pros of Living in Santa Ana, CA

An Ideal Climate

One primary reason people love living in Santa Ana is the Mediterranean climate. It brings mild but slightly wet winters, hot, dry summers, and an average of nearly 300 sunny days every year.

A Thriving Job Market

Santa Ana has a diverse economy that’s boosted by healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and education. There are abundant jobs and many opportunities to advance your career and earn a high income.

Many Cultural Attractions

There are so many things to do in Santa Ana that you probably won’t know where to start. Below is a list of some of the best:

  • Bowers Museum
  • Discovery Cube Orange County
  • Lyon Air Museum
  • Santa Ana Zoo
  • The Heritage Museum of Orange County.
  • Grand Central Arts Center
  • Downtown Santa Ana Historic District

Delicious Cuisine

Diverse group of friends eating at a restaurant

If you’re a “foodie,” you’ll enjoy living in Santa Ana. The cuisine here runs the gamut from international eateries to trendy cafés and fantastic bakeries. Some of the best restaurants in Santa Ana include the following;

  • Chapter One- The Modern Local- Known for its excellent cocktails and diverse menu, this Gastro pub has a vibrant nightlife.
  • 4th Street market- This food hall offers everything from artisanal coffee to gourmet tacos and is a bustling hub for foodies.
  • Anepalco- With a fusion of Mexican and French cuisine, the brunch menu at this eatery is fantastic and quite popular.
  • Taqueria Tapatia- Although it’s a no-frills spot, Taqueria Tapatia offers delicious and authentic Mexican street food at ridiculously low prices.
  • Mix Mix Kitchen Bar- With stylish décor and unique cocktails, this restaurant, led by chef Ross Pangilinan, is one of the best in town.

Close to the Coast

California beach palm trees during sunset

You’ll be pleased to know that Santa Ana is within a short drive of some of California’s most beautiful, breathtaking beaches. If surfing, sunbathing, and long walks on the beach make you feel fantastic, living in Santa Ana will be a delight!

A Diverse Culture

Santa Ana’s culture is about as diverse as they come and a melting pot like very few other cities in the United States. The cities, numerous festivals, events, and wonderful ethnic neighborhoods are a delight to explore, experience, and enjoy.

Beautiful, Quiet, and Inviting Neighborhoods

Beautiful homes and friendly neighbors are the hallmarks of Santa Ana. While there are certainly a lot of great neighborhoods, the 5 below are known for their blend of amenities, top characteristics, and attractive features.

  1. Floral Park- Known for its historic charm, vintage homes, and beautiful architecture
  2. Windsor Village- With well-maintained parks, a suburban field, and a strong sense of community. It’s a popular and peaceful neighborhood.
  3. Morrison Park- This is a family-friendly neighborhood known for its well-kept homes and top schools.
  4. French Park- Below artists and creatives, this Victorian-era historic district is unique and attractive.
  5. Fairhaven- Likely the most tranquil neighborhood in Santa Ana, Fairhaven is highly sought after by young families and retirees.

Santa Ana College

Considered one of the best community colleges in California, Santa Ana College offers a wide variety of educational programs and is a stepping stone for many students who go on to other universities.

The Cons of Living in Santa Ana, CA

Downtown Santa Ana during the night time

The High Cost of Living and Housing

There’s no denying that Santa Ana is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. With an overall cost of living index of 165/100, Santa Ana is 65% higher than the national average. Much of that comes from the cost of housing, which sits at 236/100, more than double the national average. Transportation costs, miscellaneous costs, and utilities are also relatively high in Santa Ana.

The Traffic

Like most of the cities in Southern California, Santa Ana is regularly affected by heavy traffic. This can lead to a lot of frustration and, of course, much longer commute times. The average one-way commute in Santa Ana is just over 25 minutes, which isn’t the worst in the country but certainly isn’t “short”.

Below Average Air Quality

Although it’s not unlivable, the air quality around Santa Ana is impacted by traffic and industrial areas nearby.

Less Green Spaces than Similar Cities

Santa Ana, sadly, has a limited number of parks and green spaces, considering its larger size. This can be challenging for folks who want to get out and hike, jog, walk their dogs, bicycle, and so forth.

An Average Public School System

Niche gives Santa Anna a B-minus grade for its public school system. Yes, Santa Ana College offers excellent education opportunities, but the public school system that gives children their start, suffers from low funding.

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