Storage Tips: Creative Holiday Décor Storage Solutions

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As the holiday season is fast approaching, and quickly draws to a close, the challenge of storing your festive decorations emerges. Nevertheless, while storage containers are undoubtedly practical, there are numerous creative and cost-effective ways to stow away your holiday décor without reaching for additional bins.

At StorAmerica Management, we believe in thinking outside the box; moreover, in this case, inside the box.

Imaginative storage ideas that won’t break the bank:

Find nine tips for your creative storage needs!

  1. Plastic Cups for Lights: Say goodbye to the dreaded tangled mess of string lights by winding them around plastic cups. Cut a small slit in the bottom of the cup, secure the end of the lights, and wrap them around. Stack the cups in a box, and voila – no more wrestling with a ball of lights next year.
  2. Cardboard Dividers for Wreaths: Instead of investing in specialized wreath containers, repurpose old cardboard boxes. Cut them into large circles and stack them between your wreaths to prevent them from getting flattened or damaged. It’s a simple and effective way to protect these holiday staples.
  3. Pillowcase Protection: Another wreath storage idea, store wreath items in pillowcases. Slip each item into a pillowcase before storing them in boxes. This prevents scratches, dust, and potential damage, offering a practical use for spare pillowcases.
  4. Coffee Cans for Wrapping Paper: Keep your wrapping paper pristine by repurposing empty coffee cans. Cut a slit in the plastic lid, insert the roll, and secure the lid. Coffee cans are sturdy and tall enough to accommodate most wrapping paper rolls, preventing rips and wrinkles.

Only 5 more!

  1. Hanger Heaven for Garland: Don’t let your garlands turn into a knotted mess. Use hangers to keep them tangle-free. Simply drape the garland over the hanger, securing the ends. Hang these hangers in a closet or on a rod for easy access next holiday season.
  2. Old Socks for Fragile Items: Bid farewell to bubble wrap and say hello to your old socks. Slide delicate items like glass ornaments or figurines into individual socks before storing them in boxes. This not only provides padding but also repurposes items you might have otherwise discarded.
  3. Shoe Boxes for Miniatures: If you have a collection of small holiday figurines or miniatures, utilize old shoeboxes to create individual compartments for each item. Cut cardboard dividers to fit inside the shoebox, creating a customized storage solution for your pint-sized decorations.
  4. Tissue Boxes for Ribbons: Empty tissue boxes can serve as handy ribbon dispensers. Thread the ribbon through the opening, and pull as needed. This prevents ribbons from unraveling and tangling while stored. Keep multiple tissue boxes in a larger container for organized ribbon storage.
  5. Magazine Holders for Gift Wrap: Repurpose magazine holders to store rolls of gift wrap. Place them vertically in a box, securing them with the open side facing up. This keeps your wrapping paper tidy, easily accessible, and prevents it from becoming crumpled.

Bonus Tips and Tricks:

person holding out open box full of clothes

10. Drawer Dividers for Small Items: Small holiday décor items like candles, figurines, and tabletop decorations can easily get lost in larger storage containers. Use drawer dividers to create compartments within your storage bins, keeping similar items together and making it easier to locate them when needed.

11. Label Everything: Organization is key to an efficient holiday storage system. Label each box or container with its contents and where it belongs in your home. This small step can save you time and frustration when it’s time to decorate next year.

12. Vacuum-Sealed Bags: Maximize storage space by using vacuum-sealed bags for items like holiday linens, pillows, and soft decorations. These bags compress the contents, reducing their size and protecting them from dust and pests. Store these bags in a designated holiday linens box for easy retrieval next year.

13. Artificial Tree Bags: If you have an artificial Christmas tree, storing it properly is essential for its longevity. Use a high-quality artificial tree storage bag to protect your tree from dust and damage. These bags often have wheels, making it convenient to move and store your tree without heavy lifting.

Embrace these inventive storage solutions and ensure your holiday decorations organized and in good condition for years to come. At StorAmerica Self Storage, we appreciate the art of creative storage. When you’re ready to give your holiday décor a temporary home, we encourage you to consider our storage facilities for safe and secure storage without breaking the bank. After all, creativity should extend to every aspect of life, including the way we store our holiday treasures.

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