How to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

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At StorAmerica, we see folks store all sorts of valuable stuff, from furniture and antiques to collectibles, the contents of a spare bedroom, and even cars and boats. One thing many of our customers store with us is clothing, which isn’t surprising. Most people have years’ worth of clothing and get more yearly until their closets are ready to burst at the seams! If that’s you and you’ve rented a storage unit from StorAmerica for clothing storage, the information below will help you to do it like a true professional!

Types of Clothes to Store

You can store any clothing you want in a StorAmerica storage unit! However, most people don’t store their everyday clothes but instead store specialized clothes, clothes made for special events, or clothing with more value. Some of the types of clothing that people store in a storage unit the most include the following:

  • Clothes for special events like weddings and proms
  • Costumes for Halloween
  • Seasonal clothes like ski jackets, overalls, etc.
  • Antique or vintage clothes
  • Specialized clothes for work or sports
  • Baby clothes

How to Prepare Clothes for Storage

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Preparing clothes for storage isn’t difficult, but it does need to be taken seriously. If not, your clothes can come back out of storage in worse shape than they went in. Below, we’ve listed some of the best methods to prepare clothes for storage.

  • Wash your clothes well. Stains will worsen if not cleaned, and food stains can attract bugs and vermin.
  • Dry your clothes thoroughly. Moisture is the enemy of stored clothing.
  • Separate natural and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics need to breathe; synthetics don’t.

How To Store Your Clothes Properly

Once you’ve prepared your clothes, there are a few things you should do to store them properly. This step is crucial if you plan to store your clothes long-term, as long-term storage can damage clothes that aren’t stored well. Below are our best tips for keeping your clothes the right way.

Use wardrobe cartons for hanging clothes

Wardrobe cartons are strong, durable and allow you to hang clothing items that would get creased or ruined if folded.

Don’t fold clothing items that can crease; roll them instead

Rolling your clothes for storage will prevent creases that can ruin your clothes or waste your time when you must iron them all.

Pack heavy clothes under light clothes

This will prevent light clothing from getting wrinkled, creased, or otherwise ruined.

How to Prevent Mold, Mildew, and Pests when Storing Clothes

Mold and mildew are the enemies of clothing stored in a storage unit. Pests are as harmful; they include mice, rats, and different kinds of insects. To prevent all three from ruining your stored clothes, we have the following suggestions;

Don’t vacuum pack your clothes

Vacuum packing might save space, but it’s terrible for mold and mildew because the fabric can’t breathe.

Place cedar chips in every box or bin

Bugs hate cedar chips, and rodents aren’t a big fan of them either.

Clean your clothes thoroughly

We mentioned this earlier, but it begs to repeat. If you don’t clean your clothes thoroughly, food particles, stains, drips, and so forth can attract bugs and rodents.

How to Organize for Clothing Storage

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Organizing your storage unit to store clothing is relatively simple. You may need to purchase a few things to do it right, but, in the end, it will be well worth it.

Use wardrobe cartons

We mentioned earlier that you should buy wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes. If you do, they will help you to organize your storage unit exceptionally quickly because they’re closets made of heavy-duty cardboard.

Use clear plastic bins

Clear plastic bins are perfect for storing clothing because you can see exactly what’s inside them. If you need winter clothes because a storm came through, for example, you’ll be able to find them quickly in clear plastic bins.

Use shelving racks

If you use clear plastic bins, go one step further and get shelving racks to put the bins on. That way, when you need something, you don’t have to stack and unstack dozens of bins to get to it.

Why You Should Choose Self Storage for Clothing Storage

If you don’t have a lot of clothing, or specialized clothing, you probably don’t need a self storage unit to store them in. However, if, for example, you run a used clothing store, collect vintage or antique clothing, or your baby’s all grown up, storing those clothes in a self storage unit is perfect. It’s easy, convenient, clean, and accessible seven days a week.

Storage units are also highly secure, especially at StorAmerica. Our storage facilities have 24/7 video security cameras, fully fenced facilities, electronic keypad-controlled front gates, and on-site managers. They’re also well-lit at night for added security and safety.

Store Your Clothes with StorAmerica Self Storage

The information we provided today will empower you to store your clothes well to stay in pristine condition while in one of our storage units. Speaking of self storage units, StorAmerica has them across the U.S. ready and waiting for you.

If you need help determining what size storage unit you need, you should check out our storage unit size guide for help. Also, see our storage unit features page to learn about vehicle storage, drive-up storage units, and many other excellent self storage features. When you’re ready, click the link and reserve your storage unit today with StorAmerica!

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