Should I Move to San Diego?

Are you thinking “should I move to San Diego?” Hey, we can’t say we blame you! San Diego isn’t just one of the best cities on the West Coast; it’s one of the best in the United States. As they say, the culinary scene is to die for, and the weather is too! Plus, if you love being outside in nature, San Diego is tops! It offers an incredible array of beautiful parks where you can walk, hike, bike, and run year-round!

There are so many great reasons to live here we decided to put together a list for you and show them off! Below you’ll read about all of the beautiful amenities San Diego has to offer! They include excellent schools, superb nightlife, exciting sporting events, and so much more. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, by the time you’ve read this, you’ll be raring to move here! So please enjoy these reasons why you should move to San Diego.

Amazing Adventures Are Right Around the Corner

We don’t expect you to want to get out of San Diego all that often after you move here. (It’s just so lovely!) However, there are plenty of exciting things to do if you’re feeling adventurous. Amazingly, only two hours north is Big Bear Mountain, where are you can snowboard and ski to your heart’s content. A 40-minutes drive to the south, and you’ll be entering Tijuana, Mexico, and all the delicious delights it offers. Los Angeles is just a hop, skip, and a jump away if you’re feeling star-struck. Or, if a tasty glass of vino sounds nice, there’s always Temecula with its 40+ vineyards.

If you want to get your freak on, there’s always Slab City. It’s an ‘alternative camping community’ just outside of Niland, CA, about a 2-hour drive from San Diego. Often called the “last free place in America,” if you have something to barter, you can stay there absolutely free. Then there’s Solvang, the Danish Capital of America. It replicates a traditional Danish town, complete with windmills and bakeries! If you’re into rock climbing, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is the place to go. (It’s a 5-hour drive, but well worth it!) Need more reasons why you should live in San Diego?

Should I Move to San Diego?

Storing Your Adventure Gear With StorAmerica

Hiking, surfing, snowboarding, and skiing. Climbing, boating, camping, and canoodling under the stars. You can do all of that and more in San Diego, but you’ll need a place to store all your stuff. When you do, StorAmerica Storage can lend a hand. We have storage facilities all over the San Diego metro area that are safe, clean, and secure. Renting a storage unit in San Diego with us is easy, affordable, and the perfect place to store all your adventure gear! Have questions about keeping your stuff with us? No problem! You can chat with one of our friendly managers online right now!

San Diego’s Super Chill and Varied Nightlife

When considering “Should I move to San Diego,” you’ve probably thought about the nightlife. One of the best words to describe the nightlife in San Diego is unpretentious. Whether it’s an upscale restaurant or a delightful little dive bar, the overall feel is super chill. Down in the Gaslamp Quarter, for example, you’ll find clubs that rival Vegas and a thriving dance scene. On Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, a younger, laid-back crowd is always enjoying the low-key beach scene. Are you looking for a bit more sophistication? Over in La Jolla and Del Mar, you’ll find it but, again, with no pretentiousness whatsoever. It’s a night owl’s dream come true!

Should I Move to San Diego?

Flip Flops and T-Shirts Are the Go-To Attire

Your decision of whether or not to move to San Diego should heavily focus on what vibe you want. Very few cities are as accepting of flip-flops and T-shirts as San Diego. It’s the go-to attire here and, except for the aforementioned La Jolla and some clubs in the Gaslamp Quarter, 100% acceptable. With the weather here in San Diego, dressing casually and comfortably is critical. Yoga pants and surf-inspired sweatshirts aren’t just accepted; they’re expected. And yes, we’re talking year-round, as the temperature here during the day is pleasant from January through December. Speaking of temperature…

The Weather is Practically Perfect

With an average temperature of around 70 the entire year, San Diego’s weather is about as good as it gets. Summertime temperatures get into the 80s and 90s and, in winter, it’s not unusual to have nights in the 50s. For someone from Chicago or New York, however, those temperatures will seem balmy. Of course, when it does get a bit hotter, the Pacific Ocean is always ready to cool you off. Plus, the cool coastal breezes keep everything quite comfy during the day. In short, the weather is about as close to perfect as it gets! It’s one of the best reasons why you should live in San Diego.

You Can Live Outdoors Most of the Year

Here’s the thing about San Diego; most of the houses here are relatively small. That’s because they’re also relatively expensive. The good news, however, is that you won’t be staying inside all that often. The vast majority of people living here have patios, decks, and porches that serve as extra living rooms. Grilling is part of Sand Diego’s lifestyle and the passion of many, as are picnics, frisbees, and long, leisurely walks. So, yeah, the houses are a little small, but you don’t even notice when you’re outside most of the time.

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People Here Are a Warm and Inviting as the Weather

Living in a city that’s practically paradise sure does affect people. The good news is that the effect it has is to make everyone as nice as apple pie. It’s no surprise that San Diego has a reputation for friendly, laid-back people. Everyone here is open, outgoing, and always ready to lend a hand. Volunteerism is significant here also, showing the compassion that San Diegans have for their fellow citizens. If you’re searching for reasons why you should live in San Diego, the people are one of the best.

The Gastronomy in San Diego Is Incredible

Your decision to move to San Diego should certainly consider this amazing food scene. First, there’s the influence of California cuisine, wholly devoted to fresh, local ingredients. Then there’s the Baja Med cuisine from Mexico, which is an absolute delight. Throw in one of the best Little Italy’s in the United States, and San Diego is a foodie’s fantasy! We recommend trying the Baja Fish Tacos at Searsucker or a Bone Marrow pizza at Herb and Wood! Also, if craft beer puts a smile on your face, there’s plenty to quaff here! Indeed, the cuisine culture is so strong in San Diego they’ve dedicated a whole week to it. If you love every flavor of food, San Diego Restaurant Week will leave your taste buds very tickled!

Traffic Here Is Not Unbearable

If you’ve lived in LA, New York, Washington, D.C., or Chicago, you know what a real traffic jam looks like. The good news is that, here in San Diego, you won’t find traffic jams like that at all. Yes, things get a little packed during rush hour but nothing like any of those other major cities. Since the weather is usually dry, we rarely have any weather-related holdups. Generally speaking, you can make it to downtown San Diego in about 20 minutes from most communities. Compared to, say, New York City, it’s almost laughable. If you commute, it’s one of the top reasons why you should live in San Diego.

San Diego Offers so Many Fantastic Attractions

If you make the move to San Diego, you’ll get TONS of attractions. There’s the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, the USS Midway Museum, the Maritime Museum of San Diego, and Seaworld San Diego, for starters. Then you have La Jolla Cove and Shores, the Sunset Cliffs, and Balboa Park, which are all merely spectacular. San Diego Comic-Con is the once a year, massive, over-the-top convention for comic book and movie geeks. And if spectacular views are your thing, Cabrillo National Monument is simply stunning!

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Where To Store Your Stuff in San Diego

No matter where you’re moving from, StorAmerica Storage can help you store your stuff when you arrive. As we mentioned earlier, we have self-storage facilities all over the San Diego metro area. They’re clean and safe and, with 24/7 video cameras on watch, very secure also. By the way, you can store anything here you can move on a moving truck. Furniture, clothing, collectibles, sports equipment, you name it! You can even keep your boat, car, or RV with us (but do call first as those spaces rent quickly).

If you’re not sure what you need, chat with one of our managers online and ask any questions you have. When you’re ready, you can rent a storage unit quickly and easily. Just fill in our online reservation application and choose the storage unit that fits your needs best! When you arrive, your San Diego storage unit will be ready to fill! One last thing; if you have items sensitive to the heat, we offer climate-controlled storage units.

Whatever you have, we can help you store it safely. We hope you enjoyed reading about all of the reasons why you should live in San Diego! All the best of luck with your move to our lovely city! We know you’re going to love it here because we do too!

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