You Can Write Off a Storage Unit on Taxes for These 2 Reasons

It’s that time of year again. As the old saying goes, “in this world, nothing is certain, except death and taxes.” We can’t help you stave off death, but can you write off a storage unit on taxes? Under most personal circumstances, probably not; however, if you are using your storage unit for work-related purposes, then maybe! Here’s the answer to the question “are storage costs tax-deductible?” To be eligible for deductions, you must store items under these conditions:

Reason #1: Your Storage is Business-Related

Maybe you’re an authorized Amazon seller, or you run an accounting business from your home? Perhaps you’re a comic book store owner with a surplus of backstock. This also applies to equipment-intensive companies, such as landscapers, contractors. Whatever the case, if you own a business, you probably need to store somewhere outside of your home. Renting a storage space makes sense from a business standpoint.

Reason #2: Your Storage is for a Work-Related Move

Say you’re moving for work and use a storage unit for your belongings. If your employer doesn’t reimburse you, the write-off is pretty straightforward. However, there is one caveat; there is a 30 day limit for your storage deduction. This limit applies after you vacate your old home and before your items go into your new home. It’s important to note that any fees incurred beyond 30 days are no longer eligible for write-offs.
can you write off a storage unit on taxes?

So, Can You Write Off a Storage Unit on Taxes?

So, are storage costs tax deductible? The answer is maybe! As long as you have a business need for your unit. If you need business storage in California and have questions, call StorAmerica today. You can also chat with one of our friendly managers online right now if you like! Writing off your storage rental as a business expense can pay for itself in the long run. For more information, visit the IRS website or consult with your tax professional.

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This post was originally published on February 11, 2018
It was updated on October 27, 2020.