How To Store a Hot Tub for Summer: 7 Tips

In the summertime, though, especially in California, a hot tub can be, well, a little too hot. When the sun’s beating down and the mercury is high, sitting in a tub of hot water isn’t most people’s cup of tea. For that reason, many people wonder how to store a hot tub for summer or drain them to save energy.

One that will make sure your hot tub is safe, and ready to go once fall arrives again? If you’re seeking an answer to that question, How To Store a Hot Tub for Summer will help. We’ve collected the best tips and advice for all you hot tub lovers out there to make your life easier. If you’ve got a hot tub you need to store safely for summer while you hit the beach, read on!

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#1: Make Sure To Drain Completely When Storing Your Hot Tub

Storing a hot tub usually means draining the water, which is just fine and usually doesn’t affect the tub. However, if you drain it, you need to make sure it’s drained completely. Water left behind can cause problems for different systems in your tub like the jets and blowers. If the temperature happens to drop (unusual as it might be), frozen water can crack fragile hot tub parts. To drain your hot tub well, follow these steps:

  1. Attach a hose or sump pump to the hot tub’s drain plug. (A sump pump is faster, but you’ll need to buy one, which is more expensive than a hose.)
  2. Once you’ve drained most of the water, remove the drain plug and close the hole. (Most hot tubs come with a cap for this purpose.)
  3. Use a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck out all the excess water left behind.
  4. Turn off the electricity to the hot tub.
  5. Turn off the hot tub’s heater.
  6. Tun the tub’s electricity back in and run the blower for 30 seconds to force out any water inside.
  7. Turn both the water and electricity off again.
how to store hot tub for summer

#2: Clean Your Hot Tub and Filters Thoroughly

Once the water is completely drained from your hit tub, it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. Using warm water and dish detergent works well. If there are heavy stains, though, a more potent cleaning agent might be necessary. One caveat, though, is to never, ever use a harsh cleaner or metal scrubber. These can ruin your hot tub’s finish or, at the very least, make it look unattractive.

While you’re cleaning, make sure to remove the filters and clean them also. A good rinsing is usually enough, then let them dry well before putting them back in place.

#3: Cover Your Hot Tub with a Secured Hot Tub Cover

Draining your hot tub if you won’t be using it in summer is, as mentioned earlier, a good idea. However, leaving it exposed to the sun isn’t. The problem is that the sun’s UV rays can be exceptionally damaging to acrylic. It’s so detrimental that leaving the tub exposed can void your hot tub’s warranty.

That’s why it’s essential you purchase a hot tub cover and make sure it’s well secured. That’s especially true if you plan to leave the tub unnatt3nded for a few weeks or months. If the wind picks up or the weather changes, you don’t want the cover to get blown off. Most come with class and locks for this very reason. If yours doesn’t, use strong bungee cords to hold it in place.

how to store hot tub for summer

#4: Don’t Try To Store or Move Your Hot Tub Alone

If you’re moving your hot tub to a storage unit, we highly recommend getting help. The reason is simple; hot tubs weigh an awful lot. Larger tubs can weigh upwards of 600 pounds or more, not something you can easily move on your own. We suggest asking at least two people for help, if not more. Also, it’s highly recommended that you purchase or rent two large 4-wheel dollies. That way, you can place the hot tub on a dolly and move it much more easily.

#5: Wrap Your Hot Tub in Moving Blankets When Storing

When considering how to store your hot tub for the summer, you should think about moving blankets. Not only will moving blankets protect your hot tub during a move, but they will also protect it in storage. Dust, dirt, and debris won’t be a problem, and if anything falls, it won’t damage the tub’s acrylic. You can leave the blankets on the entire time it’s in storage, no problem.

#6: Temperature-Controlled Storage Isn’t Really Necessary

Some people choose a climate or temperaturecontrolled storage unit for their hot tub. However, it’s not necessary. A thoroughly drained, cleaned, and padded hot tub will survive changes in temperature. Still, if you’re concerned, climate-controlled units aren’t much more expensive than regular storage.

#7: How To Store an Inflatable Hot Tub

Storing an inflatable hot tub is slightly different than a traditional hot tub. The main reason is that you need to deflate the hot tub before storing it. Here are the basic steps to store an inflatable hot tub well during the off-season:

  • Unplug the hot tub’s electricity
  • Remove all filters
  • Attach the stop caps
  • Disconnect and clean the pump
  • Attach a hose to drain the water
  • Drain the tub completely
  • Clean the bottom of the tub thoroughly
  • Clean and dry the tub’s inside and surfaces thoroughly.
  • Deflate the tub completely
  • Clean the tub’s cover
  • Place in storage

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Hot tubs are, without a doubt, one of the great pleasures of life. If you need to store yours, StorAmerica Storage has the perfect storage solution. No matter what you choose, best of luck storing your hot tub. Do it right, and it will be ready to provide enjoyment for the entire family next season!

8 thoughts on “How To Store a Hot Tub for Summer: 7 Tips”

  1. Great advice. Many still use theirs in the evening when SoCal temperatures moderate. But for a few areas, its hot all the time. I would recommend this closure regimen to anyone who isn’t going to use their hot tub all summer.

  2. Awesome advice. Exactly what I was looking for. How to safely drain and cover an *acrylic* hot tub without effing it up. THANKS!!!!

  3. Glad we could help! Let us know if you have any questions about storing your hot tub! We’re happy to help.

  4. It is impossible to remove all the water out of the lines. During long term storage, water will evaporate leaving black algae in the lines.
    How do you prevent that?

  5. It’s best to dry your lines as much as possible by leaving them outdoors for a day or two as needed. This will prevent mold growth in your hot tub during storage.

  6. You should turn power off to the tub PRIOR to draining. Running components without water, can damage them. Especially heating elements. Also would advise putting in a solution that cleans the lines and jets just before draining. They make them for this purpose, you usually let the jets run for 30min-hour to circulate. You’ll get a lot of grimy foam, but that just shows what was built up.

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