Managing Household Clutter: Book Donation

If the time for a good spring cleaning has rolled around in your household then you are probably looking at getting rid of some of the clutter around your home. One thing that may be on your spring-cleaning checklist is to get rid of some of the books you have accumulated over the years.

You may own books that have sentimental value. You may also have books that are just more convenient to read in paper form. For the rest of your library though it might be time to lighten the load. So, here are some book donation tips for places where you can find those old books a new home.

Your Friends and Family

The first and most obvious place to start looking for someone to take those books off your hands is your friends and relatives. Get in touch with them and see if they want your old books. Don’t forget about your remote friends and family!

Local Charity Thrift Stores

Your local area probably has quite a few thrift stores scattered about. You’ve probably noticed a few while driving around town. Most of these stores will happily take old books, so check out a few local ones and see if they want them. Always consider donating to a local store first to help your community.

These stores will also take many of the other items in your house that you want to get rid of, so take the opportunity to pack as many unwanted items as possible when you visit them. This is a great way to give to charity while also getting rid of your household clutter. The risk here though is that you may end up coming home with more ‘treasures’ than you started out with if you begin browsing the store’s wares.

Your Kid’s School Library

Your children’s school library may also take book donations. Enquire at the school’s reception desk and see if they are interested. If you don’t have any luck, don’t give up. Go to the school library itself and see what the librarians have to say on the subject. They may even have a list of books they are looking to have donated, or at least which books are most commonly taken out and therefore in demand.

Your Local Library

Many local libraries may also take book donations if the books are in good condition. Visit your library and enquire at the front desk to see if they are interested. Even if the library itself doesn’t take book donations they may be able to put you in touch with a local community service that might need your old books. Some of these community services are discussed below.

Mobile Book Lending Libraries

While you are at your local library ask if they know of any mobile book lending libraries that might be interested in the books. You can also find contacts for these at your local council offices.

These types of libraries are often under-funded, which means that your books will likely be greatly appreciated. You can also find mobile libraries that lend items such as toys and games, so you might be able to get rid of some of your other clutter too.

Local Community Centers

Your local area probably has a few community centers in constant need of new resources and equipment. You can do some searching online to find out where these community centers are located. Your local council and social welfare offices should also be able to refer you to them. In addition to your old books these community centers may also be interested in some of the other items you are getting rid of, so ask them what type of equipment they need.

Your Local Hospital or Aged Care Facility

People who spend all day in bed recuperating will certainly appreciate a good book to read, so talk to your local hospital to see if they are interested in your unwanted books. They may also take some of the other clutter items that are on your spring-cleaning checklist. Board games and old toys for the children’s wing are other good examples of things they will probably appreciate as a donation.

In addition to your local hospital, you can also donate books and other items to local aged-care facilities. The elderly residents will certainly enjoy a good read to pass the time. Board games and similar items will also be appreciated.

Your Workplace’s Break Room

If your workplace has a room for people to relax in when they are on a break, then you might be able to offload your books there. Ask your boss if they are interested. Your co-workers will appreciate your generosity too.

Sell the Books Online

You may also want to consider selling some of the better-quality books rather than donating them. You can use sites such as eBay to do this but bear in mind that auction and shipping fees along with the risk of needing to re-list can often make this approach a waste of time. Another option is to try to sell the books as a wholesale lot. This may be less hassle than selling them one at a time.

Sell the Books at a Garage Sale

If you have a lot of valuable items to get rid of then you might want to consider having a garage sale to sell them off. This will also let you sell your unwanted books. You can probably get rid of a lot of your less saleable items by having a free section for your sale too. This can also help attract people to your sale.

Hopefully, these book donation tips will help you find a new home for those old books. The sooner you get rid of all your unused books the sooner you can mark this task off your spring-cleaning checklist. And getting rid of all the unnecessary clutter around your house before you start cleaning will make the whole process run a lot smoother. So put this spring-cleaning guide to work and send all those old books on to be enjoyed by new owners and new

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