Summer Storage for Students

That’s another school year in the books! As the academic year comes to a close, it’s time for many college students to pack up for the summer. If you’re a college freshman overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning out your loaded dorm room — or if you’re any student facing the arduous task of moving out of your current digs — we have some tips and tricks for you to easily move your lives into self-storage on a ramen budget!

Some Disassembly Required

Disassembling your large furniture is especially necessary if you are utilizing a smaller storage unit. Whether it’s a bed frame, desk, or bookcase, disassembling furniture can be a hassle, but it will ultimately save you considerable space in the long run. Remember to label or mark individual components, and keep screws, tools, and small hardware bagged together. Many furniture manufacturers even make their assembly instructions available online in case you find yourself up a creek without a paddle. These tips will definitely make your life easier when it comes time to reassemble.

Be Hygienically-Minded

Although summer break is a relatively short 3 months, it’s never a bad idea to stay on the clean side. Items like mattresses and couches can be protected with appropriate covers, which are widely available for purchase at most self-storage facilities. These are particularly handy if you are storing in an exterior unit, which may get dusty due to exposure (bonus tip: you can fold up, save, and reuse furniture covers for future use). If you’re storing clothing and bedding, throw in some cedar repellant and dryer sheets to help keep everything fresh and bug-free until fall.

Also make sure to thoroughly clean out any items involving food, such as mini-refrigerators, cookware, dining sets, and microwaves. Even trace amounts of food can attract pests, so clean and tightly seal these items before you store!

The Purge

This is generally a helpful step in any moving situation, student or otherwise. If you’re harboring extra clothing, furniture, and most notably, textbooks, it’s a great idea to shed any unused or unneeded quantities to make your move easier. If you’ve already passed your Trigonometry class, is there any point to holding onto the book? Use your textbook buyback service of choice to unload those hefty beasts. Consider donating or selling other items to make more space and to generate some funds to use towards your storage costs.

Consider More Affordable Options

Many times, convenience comes at a price, and self-storage is no exception. The ease of moving into a ground-level or exterior unit has it’s clear advantages, but you’ll likely find a better deal in storage if you forego these comforts. Storing on an upper floor does mean having to use stairs, elevators, and lifts, but this will also bring your costs down. Air conditioning and climate control are other options that you may want to skip if you are cost-conscious and if you can put up with a few months of warmer temperatures.

Go Dutch

The ultimate tip when it comes to saving money is to split the bill. If you’re in a consistent roommate situation and you’re all in the same boat move-wise, make it a group effort. This can better afford you all a larger storage unit, or a more comfortable option as noted above. Divvying up the monthly costs equally amongst participating roommates should be a breeze (especially if you passed that Trig class). Many storage facilities even allow you to prepay several months upfront, so if you’ll be off the grid for the summer, you can take care of all your storage needs in one go.

And of course, only partake in group storage with people you trust. We don’t recommend taking the plunge with a nightmare roommate. If you don’t like living with them, definitely don’t store with them!

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