Volunteer Opportunities in San Bernardino, CA

Looking for volunteer opportunities in San Bernardino? You’re in the right place! There are san Bernardino animal shelter volunteer

There’s no denying that San Bernadino is an interesting and unique city and metro area. If you live in San Bernardino or maybe just moved here, you’ll find volunteering is very popular. There are several groups that are in need of volunteers. We’ve put together a list of the best organizations to make it easy for you! So if doing good in the neighborhood is your goal, read on! Below are some of the best volunteer organizations in San Bernardino county.

San Bernardino County Human Services

San Bernardino county is always looking for volunteers. You can make a big difference in a specific cause or issue that you find important. Plus, the time and effort you give will have an immediate impact on your community. You’ll make new friends and also get valuable experience. Additionally, you’ll improve someone’s life! You can volunteer as long or as little as you like. Not sure what you want to do when volunteering? San Bernardino County has opportunities in several different departments, including;

  • Department of Aging and Adult Services
  • Department of Behavioral Health
  • Children’s Network
  • In-home Supportive Services
  • Children and Family Services

San Bernardino County Human Services / Phone: (888) 818-8988

Volunteer Opportunities in San Bernardino, CA

Helping Hands Pantry

Helping Hands Pantry is one of the best food pantries in San Bernardino. They’re also the only one open five days a week. Above all, they never turn anyone away, especially those living with food insecurity. Helping Hands Pantry serves food to between 7000 and 10,000 people a week. They also have a Victory Garden project in Redlands, CA, entirely run by volunteers. Even more impressive is that they produce over a ton of produce a week during their peak season! If you’d like to help feed your hungry neighbors in San Bernardino, Helping Hands Pantry needs you!

Helping Hands Pantry / Phone: (909) 796-4222

Other Food Pantries In San Bernardino

Food insecurity, sadly, is a problem for many in San Bernardino. We mentioned Helping hands Panty (above), but, frankly, they can’t handle it alone. Luckily, many other food pantries in the county are helping hungry folks. Of course, they all need volunteers and would love to hear from you if you have the time and energy. You’ll pick-up and deliver food to the needy and homeless and prepare and serve food too. Many need help in their clerical offices and their kitchens as well.

Animal shelter volunteer

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter in San Bernardino

It’s not only humans that are suffering in San Bernardino but animals as well. Millions of dogs and cats, of course. A wide variety of other animals need help also, both domesticated and wild. Stepping in to do that are the excellent animal shelters here in San Bernardino. There are quite a few, and they all need volunteers regularly.

Volunteer for Thanksgiving in San Bernadino

Suffering from food insecurity is no fun for anyone. It’s not fun during the holidays, either, especially Thanksgiving. Not only that, but they also have warm clothes for anyone who needs them. It’s a holiday feast that’s open to everyone, and, as you can imagine, they need volunteers to make it happen. At last year’s Thanksgiving dinner event, over 100 volunteers gave their time. The church expects the turnout to be even bigger this year, so they need more volunteers. From prepping to cleaning, and serving, it’s one of the best volunteer opportunities in San Bernardino, CA.

St. Paul’s Methodist Church / Phone: (909) 889-3609

Thank You For Volunteering, San Bernardino!

San Bernardino is a big city, an even bigger county, and has a very big heart. Everyone here at StorAmerica wants to thank you for volunteering. Any of the mentioned organizations are worthy of your time and energy!

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  1. I am interested in volunteering at an Animal Center that is close to Me. I care Deeply about rescue animals and I would love to help in any way I can… Please let Me know how I can help…. Thank You…

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