4 Facts that Make Moving to South Gate, CA, a Good Choice

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Although close to Long Beach and Los Angeles, the city of South Gate, CA, has its unique style and great reasons to live here. For example, it’s near the Southern California Coast and the San Bernardino Mountains! If you’re moving out to South Gate or your long-distance moving company is already on the way, the information below will help you prepare for your arrival in Los Angeles county’s best-kept secret!

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Moving to South Gate, CA

Moving to South Gate, California, is the same as moving to any other city in the United States. It’s a stressful, massive task with many moving parts. It would help if you got those parts moving as early as possible so that your stress level stays low during the move. To help you do exactly that, we’ve listed our top moving tips below.

  • Start planning for your move to South Gate 4 to 8 weeks ahead.
  • Call 3 or 4 moving companies to get moving estimates.
  • Choose your mover and lock in your packing, moving out, and move-in dates.
  • If you pack your things, start packing as soon as possible.
  • Get rid of as much stuff as possible. Remember, movers charge by weight. The more you move, the more it will cost you.
  • Schedule to disconnect all your utilities, including gas, electricity, water, garbage, internet, etc.
  • Gather important documents, including school transcripts, professional licenses, vehicle titles, medical, dental, and Veterinary records.
  • Put in an application at the Firestone Plant. (The city’s largest local employer.)

What to Think About When Moving to South Gate

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One of the things you should be thinking about when moving to Southgate is its strategic location. The city is only 20 miles north of Los Angeles and Long Beach ports and 13 miles from Los Angeles International airport. South Gate is even closer to downtown Los Angeles. In other words, it’s an excellent location for anyone involved in import, export, and global trade.

You should also know that South Gate is known for having first-class parks and green areas, many recreation facilities, and is a family-friendly city. For example, there are 9 parks that total 170 acres in South Gate. On the fabulous Tweedy Mile, you’ll find excellent shops and restaurants. Plus, the best local produce is available thanks to the South Gate Farmers Market, which is open every Monday.

4 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to South Gate

1. The School System is Highly Rated

If you have children in elementary or high school, you’ll be glad that the South Gate school system is highly rated, and many schools in the city get an A or better! You should note, however, that only some communities in South Gate are connected to a top school, so take your time choosing.

2. The Weather is Gorgeous All Year

One of the biggest reasons people move to South Gate is because the weather is absolutely beautiful throughout the year, with over 300 days of sunshine. The comfort index in South Gate says it all;  it’s 9.9/10, which is practically perfect!

3. The Outdoor Activities are Endless

Because of its excellent location in Southern California, you’ll find endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in South Gate. Some of the best beaches in the world are minutes away, and the Angeles National Forest is too. Whitewater rafting, surfing, hiking, mountain biking, you name it, you can do it here.

4. South Gate’s Nightlife, Diversity, and Fitness are all Outstanding

Whether you’re young, a senior, single, married with children, or just starting, there’s something for everyone at night in South Gate. Fantastic bars, energetic clubs, and fabulous restaurants are everywhere you look. There are also plenty of different cuisines to enjoy in those restaurants, as South Gate is a highly diverse city. Lastly, with all the outdoor activities, many folks here are physically fit.

Is It Expensive to Live in South Gate?

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Unfortunately, 3 factors make living costs in South Gate, California, more expensive than similar cities. They include housing costs almost double the national average, transportation costs 63% higher, and miscellaneous costs 33% higher than the national average. (A median home in South Gate costs $631,200.) Because of those three costs, the overall cost index in South Gate is 141/100, 41% higher than the U.S. average. While groceries, healthcare, and utilities are all affordable, South Gate is still a relatively expensive city.

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