Creating Storage Space in a Small Apartment

If you’re living in a small apartment here in Cali and running out of space to store your stuff, don’t stress. We’ve put together a list of the Top 7 Tips For Creating Storage Space In a Small Apartment! You’ll find tips, tricks, and top advice to create storage for all your stuff in it. So if your tiny apartment is getting full, read on! In no time, you’ll have extra storage space to spare!

Tip #1: Get Rid Of Some (Or Lots Of) Stuff

One of the easiest ways for creating storage space in a small apartment is simple; get rid of stuff. Let’s be honest; there are probably all sorts of things in your apartment you don’t need, want, or use. (Like, ever.) All of those extra things take up valuable space, so tossing, donating, or selling them is perfect. What you should try to do is only keep what you really like and use at least every so often. If something doesn’t fit those two criteria, give it the old heave-ho!

Tip #2: Go Vertical When Creating Storage Space in a Small Apartment

There’s only so much floor space available in an apartment, it’s true. That’s why, to create extra storage, going vertical is ideal. What do we mean by going vertical? Using all of the wall space, you have to hang, store, and otherwise get things out of your way. For example, you can turn a pot rack in the kitchen rather than storing pots and pans in a cupboard. You can use so-called ‘floating shelves‘ almost anywhere to store books and toys. Plus, if you have a big, bare wall, you can use bookshelves or even more floating shelves for more storage space. Going vertical is one of the best ways of creating storage space in a small apartment! 

Tip #3: Store Your Stuff Based on Need and Usage

Here’s the thing; you don’t need everything you own every day. The truth is, there are probably a lot of things in your apartment that you don’t use except for once or twice a year—Party decorations, for example, or holiday lights. You should store those things in the hard to reach places in your apartment. You can place it above the fridge or in the closet. Something you do use every day; however, you should store somewhere that gives you easy access. That includes clothing, linens, pots and pans, house cleaning supplies, and so forth. Your job is to figure out which spots in your apartment are the most convenient (and which spots aren’t). Then store your stuff accordingly. 

Tip #4: Creating Storage Space in a Small Apartment Closet

Closets are a godsend, there’s no doubt about that. The problem is, though, that most people don’t use them very well. They’re disorganized and, in some cases, a total mess. Even if they’re not messy, most people underutilize their closets. Below are a few of the best ways to maximize the space in all of your apartment’s closets:

  • Hang a 2nd clothing rod underneath the existing rod to double your hanging space.
  • Hang a shoe rack on the back of the closet door(s).
  • Use closet organizers to maximize space. (Most big-box home improvement stores have lots of different types.)
  • Purchase some expandable shelves. 
  • Toss out any clothes you don’t wear anymore.
  • Add storage under the hanging clothes like a small dresser or shoe rack.
  • Use wall space efficiently.

Tip #5: Purchase Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Today it’s easy to find furniture that offers the benefit of multiple uses. For example, you can purchase an ottoman with storage underneath or get a floating desk that can turn into an eating area. If you have guests frequently, a futon is perfect. It’s a couch during the day and a bed at night! Here are a few other pieces of furniture that double as storage space:

  • A lamp with shelves.
  • A bench with storage underneath.
  • A moveable, portable laptop desk.
  • A Murphy bed.
  • A coffee table with storage space underneath.
  • The classic Sofa Bed

Baby Furniture with storage space. (Speaking of which, check out this article about living in a small apartment with a new baby.)

Tip #6: Rent a Storage Unit

If you have a lot of stuff you simply can’t part with, renting a storage unit is a great solution. First off, storage units are convenient and affordable. They’re also safe, clean, and secure since they offer 24/7 security and on-site managers. You can rent a small storage unit or as big a storage unit as you need, it’s your choice. However, you can store anything you like (as long as it’s not flammable). In many situations, renting a storage unit Is the best solution for creating storage space in a small apartment.

Tip #7: Stay Organized When Creating Storage Space in a Small Apartment

Whether you have a lot of extra storage space in your apartment or not, staying organized is vital. The more organized, the more space you’ll have (or at least seem to have). A cluttered, messy apartment can seem full. Clean and organize everything, and it will amaze you how much extra space you certainly have!

Best of Luck Maximizing Your Storage Space!

We hope these tips have given you some great ideas for maximizing the storage space in your apartment! Use some of them or use them all, we don’t mind! If they help you to live comfortably in your little apartment, that’s all that matters!

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