How to Get Through College 2020 During the Pandemic

The world is looking a little more difficult to navigate, especially if you’re a college student in 2020. You’re supposed to be out living life to the fullest and cramming for tests. The last time we had problems like these (if you listened in history class) was the Spanish Flu of 1918. Of course, back then, only the elite class was going on to study at an institution of higher learning. Today, anyone with dreams, determination, and decent grades can get a degree.

How to Get Through College 2020 During the Pandemic

This year, a lot fewer students have sat in classes due to the pandemic. Now, to be sure, not all universities canceled classes. A lot will open in a few weeks, with social distancing and masks in place. But we have to face it, here’s a real chance that classes might get canceled for you. You might be enjoying college 2020, taking classes, studying for exams, getting to know your roommates, the usual deal. Then, without warning, that this pandemic could yank the proverbial rug from under you. Your university might announce that, ‘Sorry, no in-person classes’. You’ll be studying at home for the rest of the year. Now what do you do?

Where Do You Put All Your College items?

Besides the fact that you now have to get back home, the question of where to put all your items looms large. Now, maybe, all you’ve got with you is clothes, books, and a few odds and ends. You’re in a furnished dorm and all the furniture is your school’s, not yours. If that’s the case, no problem. Hop in your car or on a plane, and off you go.

But if you’re renting an apartment off-campus, all the items in your room likely are yours. The bed, dressers, night tables, and lamps. Maybe a sofa, a table and chairs and of course your desk and desk chair. You might have a bike and workout equipment also, or gear for whatever sport you play. Whatever the case might be, the big question is this; where will all of those items stay while you’re completing college fall 2020 semester at home?

It can’t stay in your apartment unless you’ve got a super nice landlord who won’t charge you to leave it there. (Good luck with that.) You could pay the rent for the next few months if you want, but that would kinda’ suck. Like, hard. Apartments aren’t exactly cheap on most college and university campuses. Having to pay that rent and not be there is indeed a slap in the face.

That leaves you with 3 options, 2 of which aren’t all that great.

Two female college students wearing mask, reading book and learning while keeping social distance in university campus during COVID-19 pandemic

1- You can rent a truck and move all your items back home. 

Not a big deal if your family lives close. But if you live a few states over, or on the other side of the country, it could be a huge deal. Moving trucks aren’t cheap, and neither is the gas they suck down like a freshman at their first college party. By the time you’re home, you could spend a ton of money. (And remember, you have to do it again when you go back.)

2- You can sell all your items.

This is an option, but it certainly isn’t a good one. That’s especially true if you’ve still got a couple of years of school left to finish. This pandemic will end and, when it does, you’ll be coming back. If you sell all your items you’ll need to rebuy it all for your next apartment.

3- You can put your college 2020 items in storage locally.

This is likely your best option because it’s easier, cheaper, and safer. If you put your items in a local storage unit, you can rent a truck for the day, which is much less expensive. Gas will be cheaper too. Plus, when classes start up again, it will all be there waiting for you!

college student taking notes by looking into virtual class on mobile due to covid-19 or coronavirus quarantine

Storing Your College 2020 items With a Self-Storage Company

Storing your college items in self-storage makes a ton of sense. We have storage facilities all over the United States that are clean, safe, and secure. Not only that, but we have 24/7 video cameras, a keypad-controlled front gate, and plenty of light at night. We’re about as secure as Fort Knox!

Getting in and out of the facility at CA Storage is a breeze, even if college 2020 gets canceled. The front gate is massive, so driving in and out with a moving truck is no problem. The lanes are big. That means you don’t have to worry about turning your vehicle. Plus, we have a manager on-site during the day to help you and sell you boxes, tape, and other moving items.

One of the reasons CA Storage is your best choice is that you can rent your storage unit online. All you need to do is fill in our online application, pick a storage unit, and BAM! Done! We also have a handy Size Guide for Storage Units so you can know exactly which size to reserve. When you arrive at our facility, your storage unit will be clean, empty, and waiting for you to fill it! One other thing that might be important to you is that CA Storage also has climate-controlled storage units. If your school’s somewhere that gets super hot or cold and your items can’t take it, we have you covered.

Female student in mask indoors going to exams in high school. woman in empty university. Girl with backpack and book in college corridor during quarantine.

Two Words For College 2020? Be Prepared.

College 2020 is shaping up to be a bit different than any of us have ever seen (even you frosh). Hopefully, this pandemic will clear the heck out of here, and everything will go off without a hitch. If it doesn’t, however, to prepare for the worst is your best bet. Call it an escape plan if you will, so long as you know what you’re going to do.

Whatever happens, we hope that everyone has a fantastic semester, learns a lot, and makes it through to the holidays. Just remember to wash your hands, keep 6 feet apart and wear a mask. Hopefully, by college 2021, this will be a distant memory. And hey, speaking of preparing, you can reserve your storage unit with CA Storage whenever you want. That way, if colleges do shut down, at least you know it will be ready and waiting for you.

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