Moving To Phoenix Guide

Aerial view of Phoenix, AZ during a sunrise

Referred to as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona, offers some of the best weather in the country. Luckily, that weather is accompanied by a large variety of outdoor activities to enjoy, especially golf, hiking, and biking. If you’re moving to Phoenix and looking for detailed information about the city, you’ve come to the right place! The Moving to Phoenix Guide below has everything you need to know about this culture-filled, sun-soaked city!

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Relocating to Phoenix, AZ

Depending on where you currently live, relocating to Phoenix might be relatively simple or a very involved, complicated, and stressful task. Easy or complex, the tips below will help reduce stress and make your move more affordable.

  • Start preparing for your move to Phoenix between 6 to 8 weeks ahead
  • Contact 3 to 4 moving companies and get moving estimates.
  • Choose your moving company and lock in your packing, loading, and delivery dates.
  • Get rid of anything you don’t want to move. Sell, donate, or trash it because movers charge by weight.
  • Pack your things- gather packing supplies, and start packing right away.
  • Find storage in Phoenix and reserve a storage unit
  • Start searching for the best Phoenix suburbs. (More on that below!)
  • Compile the following documents and paperwork: school transcripts, professional licenses, medical, dental, vet records, vehicle titles, and prescription medicines
  • Schedule to disconnect utilities in your old home, including gas, electric, water, garbage, internet, etc.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix?

aerial view of houses in phoenix

Downtown Phoenix– If exciting nightlife, restaurants, and ASU interest you, this is the place to be!

Deer Valley– For outdoor adventure seekers, Deer Valley is an excellent choice

North Mountain Village– This neighborhood is well known for its hiking trails near North Mountain Park.

Desert Ridge– A small but upscale neighborhood with High Street being the focal point.

Encanto Village– This lovely community is known for the Encanto Golf Course.

Camelback East Village– One of the most scenic communities in the Phoenix Metro area.

Central City– This sprawling community has a mix of residential and business zones.

North Gateway– One of the five best communities in Phoenix, North Gateway is child-friendly and has excellent schools.

Alhambra– Alhambra is the home of Grand Canyon University and Washington Park.

Verrado– The largest master-planned suburb in Phoenix

Pros and Cons of Moving to Phoenix

Like all large cities in the United States, Phoenix offers many excellent amenities, attractions, and reasons to live here. However, it also has several problems you should know about before arriving. Below are lists of the pros and cons of moving to Phoenix that will illuminate the city’s good and bad sides.


Phoenix has very mild winters.

Easy access to several major cities, including Scottsdale, Tempe, and Los Angeles.

The Mexican influence in Phoenix can be found in the culture and cuisine.

Downtown Phoenix is exciting, vibrant, and fun

There are many excellent golf courses to enjoy

Public transportation is good, including the light rail system connecting Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, AZ.

There are many opportunities for outdoor activity and adventure

Public Schools are rated highly

Phoenix has a vibrant Arts District


The cost of housing and real estate is relatively high.

Dangerous wildlife is a real threat in the city, including coyotes, rattlesnakes, Bobcats, and the bark scorpion. (Remember to check your shoes!)

From October through March, there are many snowbirds in the city, making it more crowded and heavier traffic.

What is the Cost of Living in Phoenix?

Compared to many of the major cities in this part of the United States, Phoenix has a relatively affordable cost of living. The overall cost index is 108.7, less than 9 points above the national average. Groceries and healthcare are below the national average, while utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous costs are all slightly above them. Unfortunately, housing is the city’s highest cost index at 118.6. Below are all of the major cost indices in Phoenix for comparison purposes. Note that 100 is the national average, so anything above 100 is higher, while anything below 100 is lower.

Overall. 108.7

Housing. 118.6

Transportation. 117.9

Miscellaneous expenses. 105.7

Utilities. 101.8

Groceries. 97.3

Healthcare. 92.5 (Not bad!)

What is Phoenix Known For?

Golf course with pam trees and a mountain in the background

Phoenix is most known for having phenomenal, sunny weather year-round and world-class golf resorts. (Phoenix is one of the sunniest metropolitan areas in the country!) The culture of the southwest is abundant in Phoenix also, which is undoubtedly influenced by the diverse cultures found here. As the 5th-largest metropolitan area in the United States, Phoenix also has a wide variety of arts and cultural events, incredible landscapes, and some of the best hiking and biking in the world. Phoenix is also the best place in the United States to find the Sonoran Hot Dog, the James Beard Award winner for culinary excellence.

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