Moving To Tempe, AZ Guide

view of buildings in front of Tempe Town Lake during sunset

Have you set your sights on moving to Tempe, AZ, and the laid-back desert lifestyle? If yes, you’re probably searching for answers to dozens of questions about Tempe, like the ratings of the local schools, the food, the weather, and even the people. Lucky for you, we’ve got the answers to all your questions below in our guide to moving to Tempe, AZ! Read on to find out everything about the city before you arrive, including where to find storage in Tempe!

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Moving to Tempe, AZ

Relocating to Tempe, whether to go to school at Arizona State University (ASU), a job opportunity, or you love the area, you’ll need to contact some moving companies, especially if you’re moving from a long distance. If you live in Arizona already, movers might not be necessary, but they can make your move much less stressful. Below is a list of things you should do before moving and directly after you arrive.

  • Contact 3 or 4 movers to get moving estimates.
  • Choose a mover and lock in your moving dates.
  • Give away, sell, or trash anything you don’t need, want, or use. (Movers charge you by weight.)
  • Gather all necessary paperwork like school transcripts, vehicle titles, certificates, etc.
  • Have your utilities turned off at your old place and on in your new Tempe place.
  • Start early, especially if you plan to pack your things yourself.

Tempe has hundreds of neighborhoods; like most large U.S. cities, some are better than others. The 10 best are below, but do your due diligence as you may find one that’s not on the list but still fits your needs perfectly.

  • Alta Mira
  • Camelot Village
  • Cyprus Southwest
  • Dava Lakeshore
  • Kyrene-Superstition
  • Meyer Park
  • Optimist Park NE
  • Sunburst Farms
  • Tally Ho Farms
  • Tempe Royal Estates

Pros and Cons of Moving to Tempe

Aerial view of downtown Tempe, AZ

Like any city in America, Tempe has its Pros and its Cons. We’ve listed the worst and the best of them below so that you can get a better feel for the city, what it offers, and its drawbacks.

Pros of Moving to Tempe

Sunny, hot weather year-round

Arizona State University is one of the best in the country.

Tempe is a fantastic, walkable, enjoyable college town

The nightlife in Tempe is exciting and vibrant

Tempe has plenty of jobs

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy in Tempe (and the weather to enjoy them).

Tempe is a highly diverse city

Tempe is rated highly for families

Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, and Chandler, AZ, are all close.

You can go boating!

Cons of Moving to Tempe

Housing costs are almost 40% higher than the national average

The heat can be sweltering and even dangerous

Water, and the lack of it, is a growing problem in Tempe

Property crime in Tempe is almost double the national average

The city suffers from urban sprawl

What is the Cost of Living Like in Tempe?

Overall, Tempe’s living cost isn’t bad but could be better. For example, groceries and healthcare are below the national average, while transportation and utilities are slightly higher. The highest cost index, though, is real estate, almost 40% higher than the U.S. average.

The overall cost index, when seen together, is an OK 112.6 / 100, only 13 points higher than similar cities. However, the median home cost of $321,300 might shock some folks, depending on where they move from. One last factor is that about 60% of people rent in Tempe rather than own (although that is likely skewed by ASU being here.)

What is Tempe Known For?

First and foremost, Tempe, AZ, is known as the home of the mighty Sun Devils of Arizona State University! This is the epitome of a college town with ASU smack in the center of the action! It’s also, even though landlocked, known for water-based fun thanks to the amazing Tempe Town Lake.

Then there’s the Cactus League Spring Training which brings out the superstars from the Los Angeles Angels while they work through all their winter stiffness and get loose for the upcoming MLB season! Lastly, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the Tempe Festival of the Arts, the annual celebration of art that attracts over 350 artists from around the globe.

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To find storage in Tempe, check out our handy storage unit size guide first. StorAmerica offers monthly storage rentals, which can be helpful if you attend ASU! In short, whatever you need to store, StorAmerica in Tempe, can help you do it safely, securely, and affordably. Click the link to contact StorAmerica today and get the storage unit you need to store your things like a pro! Good luck on moving to Tempe, AZ!

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