Moving To Victorville, CA Guide

Aerial view of Victorville, CA

Victorville is a scenic and lush city in southern California that sits at the high point between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Boasting incredibly clean air and gorgeous mountain vistas, this family-friendly city in San Bernardino County offers stunning sunsets and is within a few hours of California’s beautiful beaches. There’s much more to this mid-sized California metropolis, however. If you’re moving here sometime soon, the information below will fill you in on all the details.

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Relocating to Victorville

There’s no denying that relocating to any city can be a serious chore that’s also a bit stressful. Whether moving long-distance or somewhere from inside California, the tips for relocating to Victorville below will be very helpful.

  • Start preparing for your move to Victorville 6 to 8 weeks in advance
  • Contact a moving company to get an estimate. (Experts recommend getting 3 or 4 and choosing the best.)
  • Get rid of everything you don’t need before moving. Better to sell, donate or trash anything you don’t use, need or want. Remember, movers charge by weight.
  • If you will pack your things, start packing right away. (It takes a lot of time.)
  • Find storage and reserve a storage unit in Victorville
  • Gather the following essential documents: school transcripts, professional licenses, medical, dental, and vet records, vehicle titles, prescription medicines, and contact your utility companies to have all of your utilities disconnected.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Victorville?

There are several good neighborhoods in Victorville, but, not a lot of information about them online. Below is a list of the best of them for you, but a call to a local realtor would probably be a good idea. They can give you much more actionable data and the schools, crime rates, housing prices, etc.

  • Golden Mesa
  • The Village
  • Bellevue Heights
  • Mojave Heights
  • Desert Knolls Manor
  • Greentree East
  • Eagle Ranch
  • Sunset Ridge
  • Valley High North

Pros and Cons of Moving to Victorville

View of mountains along the horizon with the desert in the foreground

Every city in the United States has its good and bad sides, and Victorville is no different. This is a moderately-sized city with many excellent amenities and attractions but has a few flaws that you should know about before arriving. The list of pros and cons of Victorville below will help you do that.


Victorville is one of the most affordable cities in California

Las Vegas is only 90 minutes away

The beach is also 90 minutes away

Bear Mountain and magnificent snow skiing is a day trip

Housing in Victorville is affordable

The city is highly diverse and has a wide range of cultures and cuisine

Victorville is surrounded by intensely gorgeous scenery

Although unemployment is high, job opportunities are available

You’ll find many outdoor activities in and around the city


Victorville’s public school district leaves much to be desired, especially the high schools.

Unemployment is high in the city

The crime rate is higher than the US average, especially property crime

The temperature, especially in summer, can be intense and uncomfortable.

The commute time in Victorville is long

The air in Victorville is incredibly dry

Nightlife in the city is a bit dull

What is the Cost of Living in Victorville?

While Victorville might not be the most affordable city in the United States, it’s easily one of the most affordable in California. Consider for example, that the overall cost of living in Victorville is 109 / 100 while the average cost of living in California is 149.9 / 100. You should also consider the price of a new home here. The cost index for housing is 114.3 / 100, while the index for California is 234.8 / 100, more than double Victorville. Below are the major cost indices for Victorville so you can compare them to other cities. (Remember that the U.S. average is 100.)

Overall. 109 / 100

Housing. 114.3 / 100

Healthcare. 86.7 / 100

Transportation. 121.1 / 100

Groceries. 97.8 / 100

Utilities. 115.8 / 100

Miscellaneous expenses. 110.6 / 100

Median home cost. $396,800

What is Victorville Known For?

Historic Route 66 signage on road

Surprisingly, Victorville is one of the most popular places to make major feature films. For example, Kill Bill: Volume 2 was filmed partly in Victorville, and many scenes from the Lethal Weapon franchise and the movie Face/Off starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Victorville is one of the best stops along the famous Route 66 highway because of the Old Town Victorville historic district. (Rancho Cucamonga is also along Route 66!) Another thing Victorville is known for is being one of the largest cement manufacturing cities in the country.

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