Should You Use In-Water or Dry Boat Storage?

Which is better? In-water or dry boat storage? If you have a boat near Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, or Long Beach, how to store it is an important question. The truth is, the way you store a boat can make a huge difference in how long it lasts. Saltwater, while it’s great for surfing, fishing, swimming, and skiing, isn’t so great for boats. It can eat away at fiberglass, stainless steel, wood, and almost any other boat part. Over time, it can destroy your boat unless you do your best to prevent that from happening.

The question of seasonal boat storage comes down to two choices; dry storage or in-water storage. Both have their pros and cons, no doubt, but they depend on factors like boat type, size, and more. It’s a big decision because, as we mentioned, saltwater is extremely damaging to a boat and its parts. The engines especially take quite a beating, not the least of which comes from barnacles. Whether your search parameters are ‘dry boat storage near me’ or ‘seasonal boat storage’, keep reading. We have plenty of tips and advice for you on which choice is best for your precious boat.

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Which Boats Are Best For In-Water Storage?

Here’s the thing; if we could, we would recommend dry storage for every single boat. Saltwater is simply too damaging to boats and, if you’re not using them, you should avoid it. If you can’t easily take your boat out of the water on a trailer, dry storage is a challenge. You’ll either need a professional boat storage company with a boat crane or, like most, store it in the water.

If your boat is over 60 feet long, in-water storage is probably your best choice. That’s especially true if you plan to use it occasionally. Taking a sailboat or powerboat that’s 60 feet or longer out of the water requires that aforementioned massive boat crane. You might have access to that at your marina or you might not. Plus, depending on the cost, storing it in the water might be less expensive than having it taken out. Of course, you need to take almost all pleasure boats out occasionally. That way they can have their hulls cleaned and repainted with anti-fouling paint. If yours needs that important maintenance, it might be the perfect time to put it in dry storage.

You should store any boat that’s over 60 feet long in the water. The actual physical stress of storing it in dry storage can be damaging. Keeping everything above the water clean, waxed, and covered is a very good idea, naturally. That way everything will be working well the next time you go out for the day with family and friends.

Which Boats Are Best For Dry Storage?

As we mentioned above, we would put every boat in dry storage if it was possible. The damaging effects of saltwater can, if you truly love your boat, make you cry. Saltwater can damage your beautiful teak decks, and turn your stainless steel railings into an ugly mess. It can damage your upholstered seats and even rot your ropes. It’s the worst for pretty much everything, which is especially true for your boat’s engines.

That’s why we highly recommend dry storage. Getting your boat out of the water and well covered will go far towards keeping it in beautiful condition. That’s especially true if you need dry boat storage in Los Angeles. If you need boat storage in Huntington Beach or boat storage in Long Beach, dry storage is just as important. One of the big benefits of dry storage is that you can get access to your boat’s hull. As we mentioned earlier, all boats need to have their hull cleaned and repainted. Most experts suggest doing that at least once a year. When it’s in dry storage, you can do that yourself with ease. (Well, honestly, relative ease. You still have to climb under there and scrape, sand and paint. For our money, having someone else do that for you is a fantastic idea.)

While we’re on the subject of dry boat storage in California, here’s a fact; it can cost a lot at a marina. It won’t cost as much as leaving your boat in the water with dock access, but it’s still expensive. That’s why, for boats that you can trailer, StorAmerica Storage is a great solution.

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Dry Boat Storage at StorAmerica Storage

At StorAmerica Storage your boat will be safe and secure under 24/7 watch by video cameras. Also, there’s an on-site manager there during the day and the front gate is keypad-controlled. We have outdoor spaces big enough for medium size powerboats and sailboats up to 40 feet. You can also rent a garage for smaller boats, jet skis, and all your boating equipment.

The nice thing about storing with us is that you have easy access to your boat. If you need to get in and do some repairs it’s no problem. Want to take her out for a day of fun on the water? That’s not a problem either, and the large front gate makes getting in and out easy. We’re sure to have a location near you.

Also, reserving a dry storage boat space is easy with us! Just fill in our online application, pick a space (or a storage unit) and you’re all set! There’s no deposit necessary and we only offer month-to-month leases. That way, when you decide to put your boat back in the water, it’s no problem. You won’t have to pay for extra storage because you won’t be stuck in a long-term lease.

Which Is Better? It Depends on Your Boat and Your Preferences

The question of which storage is better for your boat depends on 2 things; you and your boat. If it’s a very big boat, in-water seasonal boat storage in Los Angeles is probably best. For smaller boat storage in Huntington Beach, dry storage is probably best. That goes for boat storage in Long Beach as well. The smaller your boat, the easier it is to store it dry.

Whichever you choose, if you need boat storage in California and have questions, call StorAmerica today. You can also chat with one of our friendly managers online right now if you like! Whatever you choose, best of luck with storing your boat this season!

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