Why Your Small Business Needs a Storage Unit

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Running a small business or SME is the American dream, but it’s not all butterflies and sunshine. Growing pains are the norm, as are staff increases, inventory glitches, and a lack of storage space. If you own a small business and need all the help you can get, a storage unit might be the solution for you. The storage features of a unit are perfect for small business owners in many ways. Read on to discover what to put in a storage unit, and give your small business a boost!

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Why Rent a Storage Unit for your Business?

There are several reasons to rent a storage unit for your small business. One of the best is to lower your monthly overhead costs. For example, renting a larger office is much more expensive than renting a storage unit to store overstock. The same can be said for filing cabinets or the supplies you need to run your business. Storage units offer all the office space you need to store those items for a significantly lower cost than office real estate.

A storage unit also allows you to scale your operation up quickly if needed (or scale down). Plus, most commercial storage facilities can accept deliveries for you, which is a great perk. Renting a drive-up storage unit will make dropping off or picking up items quick and easy as well. In short, renting a storage unit for retail businesses makes good business sense! It’s the perfect solution for many different types of businesses and their storage needs.

Benefits of Storage Units for Small Businesses

Below are just a few of the benefits of renting a self storage unit for your business.

Low-Cost Rent

Renting retail or office space is, in a word, expensive. The more space you need, the higher your rent. If you only need the extra space to store inventory, overstock, or supplies, self-storage offers a much lower price for a lot more space.

Better Organization

Organizing inventory, supplies, products, and more can be a hassle, especially with people working in the same space. Renting a business storage unit empowers you to keep everything well organized. You’ll be able to send out products on time, your supplies will be accessible, and inventory can be better controlled.

The Safety and Security Levels are High

Say you’re a medical doctor with years of files and HIPPA laws to follow. (You need to keep all files for at least 7 years.) Storing your old files where they can be easily taken by anyone may not be the best idea. However, storing them in a business storage unit keeps them safe, secure, and away from prying eyes. That’s because storage facilities have 24/7 video cameras, electronic gates, and on-site managers.

You Can Start A Business Using a Storage Unit

If you start, for example, a small home repair business, a storage unit is perfect. You can store your tools and supplies in a storage unit, which is much cheaper than renting a retail location. Most storage facilities offer vehicle storage also, so you can even store your work vehicle.

Monthly Rentals are Available

One of the best aspects of renting a storage unit for your small business is no year-long lease. With month-to-month rentals, moving out or moving up to a larger storage unit is not a problem. You’ll never be trapped in a long-term rental contract.

Can I Work out of a Storage Unit?

Technically, it’s not possible to work out of a storage unit. Most don’t have electrical outlets, so you wouldn’t be able to power a computer or printer. Also, it’s not possible to meet clients at your storage unit. You could, however, organize your tools, inventory, or supplies in your storage unit. Renting a storage unit can be convenient if you carry everything for work in your car. You can even set up a desk and chair and work on a laptop if you like. However, working full-time out of a storage unit won’t be possible. That being said, some storage facilities do offer commercial storage units or rentable business space for those wanting to rent a smaller office. Your best bet is to call first and ask.

Best Practices for Using a Storage Unit for your Business

You should always follow best practices when renting a storage unit for your business.

  • Never store anything flammable.
  • Use shelving units or filing cabinets to keep everything organized.
  • If the things you store are prone to damage from heat or cold, rent a temperature-controlled storage unit.
  • Never put in electrical wiring, lights, heaters, or anything similar without the express permission of the storage facility.
  • Never sleep in your storage unit, or keep live animals inside a storage unit.
  • Never store food in a storage unit or anything that can attract pests.

Keep your Life Organized with StorAmerica Self Storage

Whether for home or business, StorAmerica can help you keep your life organized. Our affordable business storage solutions will help you get started without high overhead. We also make storing your household goods easy, affordable, and safe. From furniture and clothes to sporting equipment, antiques, collectibles, and more, you can store them with us. That frees up much more space at home and empowers you to live an organized, less stressful life!

To find your storage solution, call or contact StorAmerica Self Storage today. You can also visit the StorAmerica self-storage facility near you and meet the on-site manager. They will gladly show you all our storage features and explain our monthly rentals!

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