Top 7 Apartment Storage Ideas to Free Up Space

Across the U.S., you’ll find millions of Americans living in apartments. No matter if it’s one, two, or three bedrooms, one complaint many people have about their apartment is the same; not enough storage space. If you’re feeling this pinch because your apartment is overflowing, you’re in luck! We’ve got 7 excellent apartment storage ideas below to help you store more in your limited space. If you’re wondering how to store a bike in an apartment, you’re in luck. So read on to find out more, and gain some much-needed extra storage in your small-ish abode!

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Top 7 Apartment Storage Ideas to Free Up Space

1:Under-bed Apartment Storage Ideas

Think there’s no space under your bed? Think again! The average queen-size bed is 60 x 80 inches and is 8 inches off the ground. That equals about 22 cubic feet of space, equal to 7 medium-sized boxes! Long, flat under-bed containers are perfect to utilize all that free space. There are also drawers on wheels explicitly made for under beds. Or simply cut down a box to fit, fill it, and slide it under! Believe us; you’ll be able to store all sorts of stuff under there!

hanging bicycle

2: Hang Bicycles on the Wall

How to store a bike in an apartment is a predicament many apartment dwellers face. One of the best methods is to purchase a bike rack that attaches to the wall and hang it in an unused corner. Even better, you can hang your bicycle in an unused corner of a hallway or common area.

murphy bed

3: Apartment Furniture Storage Ideas

One big problem in many apartments is a lack of floor space. One fantastic solution is to purchase furniture that folds up and out of the way when not in use. A Murphy bed, for example, can free up all sorts of floor space, as can a folding table. A kitchen island can also give you additional space for cooking, with extra storage underneath. When you’re not using it, just push it out of the way!

hanging pots and pans

4: Hang Up Your Pots, Pans, and Cooking Utensils

One problem many folks face in their apartment is a lack of proper storage in the kitchen. If that’s you check out these apartment kitchen storage ideas, like hanging your pots and pans from a specialized rack. It frees up cabinet space and gives you easier access to pots, pans, and utensils when cooking. You can mount them to the wall or hang them over your kitchen island.

Apartment storage ideas

5: Increase Hanging Closet Space

Running low on closet space is a big problem when living in an apartment. Lucky for you, several types of specialty hangers are made to help you fit more in there! For example, one type of hanger allows you to hang several pairs of pants together. Others do the same for dresses, skirts, shorts; you name it. Most extend to make hanging easy and then fold down when you’re done. These are innovative storage ideas, perfect for people who live in small apartments.

installing shelves

6: Shelving Apartment Storage Ideas

Depending on the height of your walls, hanging shelves up high might be a perfect idea to increase your apartment storage space. In addition, installing shelves high puts them out of your way and allows you to utilize all that unused space. Many shelving options are also available to fit your style and decor perfectly. One caveat; you might need a step stool to reach your stuff once it’s up there.

Apartment storage ideas

7: Use Hooks and Racks on the Backs of Doors

The back of all your doors offers all sorts of extra hanging space! Plus, many racks and hooks made for doors allow you to use your doors and not make any holes! This is a really great apartment storage idea for renters because it won’t permanently damage the walls or doors.

Bonus Idea: Rent a Storage Unit for Your Extra Stuff

Here’s the thing; you might not want to get rid of your precious stuff but have no more room in your apartment. If that’s the case, renting a storage unit from CA Storage can be ideal. If you also wonder how to store a bike, but your apartment is too full, consider using a storage unit. Apartment storage ideas are great, but sometimes the best solution is to reduce the number of things in your apartment by using a storage unit.

Safe, clean, and secure, a storage unit from CA Storage lets you keep your things while enjoying more space in your apartment. In California, that’s essential, as rents here are, frankly, ridiculous. If you’re saving for a home, renting a storage unit in California can save you a bunch of money!

Chat with us online or visit your local CA Storage self-storage center if you have questions. The on-site manager will be more than happy to help! Until then, we hope today’s apartment storage ideas have been useful and given you the help you needed!

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