Surfboard Storage Ideas

Millions of surfers take to their boards every day to hit Cali’s world-class surf and catch a few sick waves. Whether you ride a shortboard, a longboard, or something in between, taking care of your board is essential. That way, it will provide you with years of exciting fun no matter where you surf. Of course, most people can’t surf every day, even if they want to. If that’s you, and you’re looking for tips to keep your plank pristine while stored, read on. We’ve got surfboard storage ideas to keep your board safe in storage coming right up. 

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Don’t Have Space to Store Your Surfboards at Home?

Before discussing surfboard storage ideas, ask this vital question; do you have enough space to store them at home? The thing is, surfboards, especially longboards and stand-up paddleboards, take up a lot of space.

If you’ve got the space at home, great! If not, you should consider renting a storage unit to store your surfboards. Then, you can choose the surfboard storage ideas below that will work best there. 

Idea #1: Use Wall Hooks for Your Surfboard Storage

This first idea of our list of surfboard storage ideas is one of the simplest out there. However, it works just as well as many other, more complicated surfboard storage solutions. Most big-box home improvement stores sell hooks of every kind. From small to medium, large and, in our case, gigantic, these hooks are fantastic. Some will screw right into a 2×4 beam with their own screw end. Other hooks take one extra step, screwing them firmly to a beam or support.

Once the two hooks are attached, you should be able to slide your board right into them, with the deck facing in. If it’s well supported and stable when you do, you’re done! Repeat the process to store more surfboards the quick and easy way.

surfboard storage ideas

Idea #2: Turn a Pallet Into a Surfboard Storage Rack

Pallets are used to ship things everywhere and are usually easy to find. (Usually for free, too. If someone wants to charge you, keep looking!) To accomplish one of our favorite surfboard storage ideas, you’ll need to find a pallet with little to no damage. Also, a pallet with small-ish spaces between slats is best. That way, you’ll be able to store more surfboards on it. There are many tutorials on turning that pallet into a surfboard rack. You can download free printable plans from DIY sites like AL + IMO.

Tips for Storing Your Board Safely

No matter what type of surfboard storage rack you create, there are certain things you should always do to protect your board. Even the best surfboard rack won’t protect your board completely. The tips below will help and ensure that your surfboards stay in good condition for many years.

  • During the day, keep your surfboards out of the sunlight. The sun’s UV rays are very damaging for a surfboard.
  • After a surfing session, always rinse your board thoroughly with fresh water.
  • When traveling with your surfboard, put it in a surfboard bag for the ultimate protection.
  • Don’t hang your surfboard by its leash. That is a definite no-no as it can stretch the leash and damage its attachment point to the board.
surfboard storage ideas

Surfboard Storage Ideas By StorAmerica

Many surfers, we’re proud to say, store their surfboards with StorAmerica Storage. That’s because StorAmerica Storage offers clean, safe, and secure storage units in California, Arizona, and Nevada. We can help you store surfboards, surfing gear, and anything else related to your sport. Many surfing companies store their overstock and rental boards with us, too. (We see surfers come and go all the time!)

Questions about renting a storage unit for your surfboard? If so, you can either chat with us online or visit the local StorAmerica Storage facility nearest you. All of our self-storage centers have on-site managers who can answer all of your questions.  Plus, they can guide you towards the best storage unit to fit surfboards perfectly. Until then, wherever you surf, StorAmerica Storage wishes you a ripping good time!