What to Wear Under a Wetsuit & How to Store It

There’s one question many people new to using wetsuits have, and it’s this; what to wear under a wetsuit? In short, what to wear under a wetsuit is a great question! We’ll take a closer look, and give you some great advice about the subject, below. Also, some tips on how to store a wetsuit and how to store a surfboard. If that’s the info you’re looking for today, read on!

To Wear, Or Not To Wear?

Here’s the thing about the question ‘what to wear under a wetsuit?’; there’s no correct answer. Some people wear nothing under their wetsuit and enjoy themselves immeasurably. Others would be too cold, uncomfortable, prone to chafing, etc., and always wear something underneath their wetsuit. Both sides are right because, frankly, it’s up to the individual, their sport, and the water temperature.

For example, let’s say you’re a stand-up paddleboarder, it’s June, and the weather and water are warm. In that case, wearing something under your wetsuit probably isn’t necessary. You’ll likely be using a shorty wetsuit, also, because a full wetsuit would be too hot. If, however, you want extra sun protection, you could wear a long sleeve shirt under your shorty wetsuit. And, frankly, many people wear underwear with shorty wetsuits simply out of modesty.

Now let’s take a look at another scenario. In this one, you’re scuba diving in Alaska. The weather, and the water, are both cold. Not only would you use a full-length wetsuit, but you would probably wear an extra layer beneath it for warmth. Specialized skinsuits are made for this purpose and to help a diver get into and out of their gear. There are also rashguards that, as the name implies, protect your skin against rashes. These also have the added benefit of adding an extra layer of warmth. Some divers use one or both of these additional layers in place of thick wetsuits that restrict their movements. Other divers might forego both and use a thicker, and thus warmer, wetsuit by itself.

What to wear under wetsuit

Why Wear Something Under Wetsuits for Scuba Diving?

As we’ve seen, you can wear wetsuits for various sports. However, they were invented for one sport in particular; scuba diving. Now, the thing about scuba diving is that, under the water, there’s very little heat. Even in, for example, the Caribbean Sea, once you get down far enough, the water gets frigid. Invented in the early 1950s, wetsuits add an extra layer of warmth. (Technically, they prevent your body’s heat from escaping, like a reverse Igloo cooler for your body.)

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the problem with some wetsuits for icy water is that they’re very thick. That improves their heat retention capabilities but, unfortunately, makes them movement restrictive. Yes, if you’re diving in the Arctic, that thick wetsuit is a must. But some experienced divers in other locales like to use a thinner wetsuit for increased mobility. For those divers, wearing an extra layer or two underneath is preferable. Below are several other reasons to wear something under your wetsuit, including:

  • Comfort- As we said earlier, the neoprene and other materials in wetsuits can give some folks grief. They can cause nasty, stinging rashes that are no fun at all. That’s why some divers wear rash guards under their wetsuits.
  • Personal Hygiene- If you’re renting a wetsuit, wearing a layer underneath might be a good choice. If anything, basic undergarments to protect your intimate areas would likely be a good call.
  • Public Decency- If you’re diving around many others, wearing something underneath would probably be preferable to flashing them. (Remember, getting out of a wetsuit isn’t quick and easy.)
what to wear under a wetsuit

What Can You Wear Under a Wetsuit?

Here’s a list of some of the clothing and specialized gear you can wear under a wetsuit. Determining what’s best for you will likely take a little trial and error but is worth the effort. These extra layers of clothing include:

  • Diving shorts. These are specially made for diving.
  • Bicycle shorts. The same you wear when using your bike
  • Basic Underwear, including Boxers and Briefs
  • Rash Guards. Specialized garments to prevent rashes.
  • Sleeveless Vest. Specialized vests made for under your wetsuit.
  • A Full-Body Jumpsuit. Specialized jumpsuit for under a wetsuit. They can make it easier to put on your website, also.
  • One-Piece Swimsuit (For women. Any type of fabric.)
how to store a wetsuit what to wear under a wetsuit

How To Store a Wetsuit

Now that you know what to wear under your wetsuit, you should learn how to properly store it. Storing a wetsuit doesn’t take a science degree; it’s true, but it still needs to be done correctly. If you take care of your wetsuit well, it should last much longer. Considering some wetsuits can cost several hundred dollars, ensuring yours lasts a long time is essential. Below are a few tips that can help:

  • Rinse your wetsuit well after using it, especially after diving in salt water.
  • Hang your wetsuit to dry thoroughly. You can purchase specialized wetsuit hangers or use one from your closet. Plastic is preferred to metal.
  • Never leave your wetsuit in a big, sloppy, wet pile on the floor. It’s messy and, more importantly, awful for the wetsuit.
  • Never put your wetsuit in a washing machine or a dryer. (Dryers are especially bad, just FYI.)
  • Don’t use regular laundry detergent to hand wash your wetsuit. You should use only products made specifically for wetsuits.
  • Don’t let your wetsuit hang in the sun after it’s dry. The sun’s UV rays are very damaging for the fabric.

Wear Your Wetsuit in Good Health and Fun Times!

We hope you enjoyed the information we presented today about what to wear under a wetsuit. At CA Storage, many of our customers store their wetsuits with us and store diving gear. We also help folks store their surfboards, stand-up paddleboards, and even kayaks and canoes! Whatever your sport, CA Storage can help you store your gear between outdoor adventures!

If you have questions about storing your wetsuits and other gear, please chat with us online. Better yet, stop by the CA Storage location near you in California, Arizona, or Nevada. The on-site manager is friendly and helpful at all of our self-storage locations. They can help you store almost anything safely and securely, big or small. Until then, we hope that you wear your wetsuit, and anything under it, in good health!

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