What’s the Cost of Living in Oceanside, CA?

If you’re moving here, you may have many questions about the cost of living in Oceanside, CA. What are the home prices like, for example, or the healthcare, transportation, and other monthly expenses? If yes, read on! Oceanside is a great place to call home with practically perfect weather, an excellent harbor, and stunning beaches. It’s original, inviting, and, in many ways, awe-inspiring.

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The Overall Cost of Living in Oceanside is Expensive

44% Higher than the National Average

There’s no good way to sugarcoat the fact that Oceanside, California, is an expensive city. The truth is that most cities and towns in California are above the national average regarding expenses. Oceanside is no exception, although it is a bit lower than, for example, San Diego and Los Angeles.

Two of the reasons for the high cost of living are housing and transportation, both well above the national average. As we’ll see in a moment, housing is by far the highest cost most homeowners have.

cost of living in oceanside

Housing Cost of Living in Oceanside is Expensive

133% Higher than the National Average

Here’s the thing; if it weren’t for housing costs, Oceanside would be a relatively affordable place to live. Except for housing, all of the other cost indices are right around the national average. It’s housing, though, the most problematic, as it’s much higher than most other American cities.

With an index of 233/100, Oceanside is nearly 135% higher than the national average, which is extreme. The median home cost in Oceanside is just over $699,000, over triple the national average of $291,700. Oceanside is even 15% higher than the California state housing average, $684,800. That’s a tough nut to crack for a lot of families, no doubt. One solution many homeowners have found is to rent an oceanside, CA storage unit. That way, they can purchase a smaller home or rent a smaller apartment while keeping stuff in their storage unit.

Storage Units at 3560 Mission Ave in Oceanside

Grocery Cost of Living in Oceanside is Expensive

8% Higher than the National Average

While grocery prices in Oceanside aren’t super low, they aren’t much above the national average either. That’s good news for families trying to keep nutritious, delicious food on the table. With a score of 108/100, your grocery bill will be 8% higher here. That, unfortunately, can add up during the year to quite a few hundred dollars. Luckily, a lot of produce is grown here in California. That gives you plenty of opportunities to buy fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and save money on your overall cost of living in Oceanside, CA.

Miscellaneous Costs in Oceanside Are Average

4% Higher than the National Average

Miscellaneous costs don’t fit into the typical index, including things like clothing, haircuts, and manicures. Entertainment is a miscellaneous cost also, and so is dating and going to the movies. Luckily, miscellaneous costs in Oceanside are only 4% above the national average, 104/100. That’s not as bad as many other towns and cities in California (although it could be better).

What's the Cost of Living in Oceanside, CA? cost of living in oceanside

Utilities Living in Oceanside Are Average

0% Higher than the National Average

With the weather that’s practically perfect the entire year, you won’t use a lot of heat in your home. On the other hand, to stay comfortable, the air conditioner will likely be running constantly. That can increase your utility bills significantly, of course. In Oceanside, though, your utility bills will at least be affordable. That’s because they’re perfectly in line with the national average at 100/100. Sure, you might not save a lot, but you won’t spend a lot more on utilities either.

Transportation Costs in Oceanside Are Expensive

12% Higher than the National Average

We mentioned earlier that transportation was one of the higher costs in Oceanside, CA. With a cost index of 112/100, it certainly is higher but not even close to housing costs. That’s good news because the commute time in Oceanside is on the high side. It’s nearly 30 minutes one way, 3 minutes longer than the national average. That means you’ll be using more gas and wearing out your car faster when you live here. (We suggest carpooling or riding a bike to your destinations.)

cost Living in Oceanside, ca

Healthcare in Oceanside is Affordable

11% Lower than the National Average

This last cost of living index for Oceanside, CA was the most surprising in that it’s relatively low. At 89/100, healthcare services, including doctor’s and emergency room visits, are 11% lower than the national average. More importantly, Oceanside, CA, has an excellent healthcare system. Most of the hospitals in the area are relatively new and very well run. (Hopefully, though, you’ll never have to find out for yourself.)

Oceanside is Expensive But, in Many Ways, Worth It

Is Oceanside, CA, an expensive place to live? Because of housing costs, yes, it is. That being said, it’s one of the best places to live in the United States, with excellent weather, amenities, and more. If you can afford it, living in Oceanside is very much worth it.

Here at CA Self Storage, we rent clean, safe storage units in Oceanside that are also affordable. As we mentioned earlier, many folks rent a storage unit in Oceanside, CA, to save money on housing. That way, they can rent a smaller home or apartment while saving money for their dream home.

If you have questions or need help, you can chat with us online anytime. You can also rent or reserve a storage unit in under 10 minutes. Do you like to talk about things face-to-face? If yes, visit your local Oceanside self-storage location. The on-site manager will gladly show you around and help you get the rental process started. Until then, we hope you enjoy living and working in Oceanside, CA. We sure do!

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