How to Choose the Best Movers in San Diego

Choosing movers in a big city like San Diego can be difficult. Even if you’ve moved many times, the process doesn’t get easier. That being said, there are certainly ways to make moving less of a stress. One of the best is choosing a top moving company that respects its customers and provides excellent moving services.

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Movers in San Deigo Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Americans have been moving around the country ever since the first covered wagon trains brought folks out west. Indeed, the average American moves 7 times in their lifetime, more than any other country. (We’re always looking for greener grass, it seems.) To help them, moving companies started forming in the 1940s, with sources saying Allied Van Lines came first. Allied set up a network of affiliates, making it easier to move from one state to another.

Today major movers like Allied, Bekins, Atlas, Mayflower, and North American are still going strong. However, many local movers offer similar services, albeit without an extensive network of affiliate locations. If you’re moving locally, a local mover in San Diego is probably best. If you’re moving to or from another state, though, a larger, established moving company should be your first choice. You can contact both major moving companies and local movers through reputable online databases like Angi.

How to Choose the Best Movers in San Diego

Get Estimates When Choosing Movers in San Diego

Have you ever heard the term “comparing apples to apples”? If yes, you have an idea of the importance of comparing moving estimates. Here’s the thing; a moving estimate can look great on paper but, when held up for comparison, suddenly look much worse. That’s because estimates are only as good as the moving salesperson who performs them.

For example, let’s say one salesperson estimates you’re moving 6000 pounds and need 100 boxes packed. Then, let’s say a 2nd salesperson estimates 10,000 pounds and says you need 150 boxes packed.

The 2nd estimate, in most cases, is going to look much more expensive than the first. Put another way; the 1st estimate will look like a much better price. If the 1st estimate was correct, though, it actually isn’t.

Now, some might say, “well, I’ll take the first estimate because it’s a “lower price.” But, (and this is crucial) when the San Diego movers arrive at your new home, you’ll need to pay the actual price. That’s the price based on the actual weight and the actual amount of boxes packed. (The movers weigh the truck on a giant scale made especially for trucks.) If the weight of your things is closer to 10,000 pounds and 150 boxes, you’ll pay the adjusted costs.

Here’s another crucial fact; legally, you need to pay the actual price based on the actual weight and boxes used. If you don’t, the movers can hold your stuff on their truck until you do. Even worse, they might put your things in their storage, which could cost you thousands of dollars more.

That, in a nutshell, is why comparing apples to apples is so important and why getting several is critical. That way, you can clearly see if one estimate is far lower (or higher) than the rest. Our advice; choose one that’s in the middle. Even better, select a mover that provides a guaranteed estimate. That way, the price you pay will be locked in and won’t change when you arrive.

How to Choose the Best Movers in San Diego

What Should You Compare When Choosing Movers?

Again, it’s always best to choose your movers in San Diego by estimating “apples to apples” so that you choose the best. The most important of those “apples” include:

The weight.

More weight equals a higher price, and vice-versa. Again, if a mover makes a mistake estimating, or intentionally calculates a lower weight, their price will look better.

The number of boxes for packing.

This is the 2nd highest moving cost, typically. As with the weight, if fewer boxes are estimated, the price will look better. When you arrive, though, the actual, final price will be higher. (Movers typically don’t give away free boxes and packing services. It’s a terrible business model, as you can imagine.)

The cubic feet of space.

Movers estimate the cubic feet of space your things will take up on their truck. Then, using the formula 1 cubic foot = 7 pounds, they figure out how much weight you’re moving. Thus, for example, 1000 cubic feet of household goods (your stuff) will weigh approximately 7000 pounds.

The Insurance amount, deductibles, and cost.

Most movers in San Diego offer similar insurance at similar prices. What you need to compare is the dollar amount they’re providing. Be sure to compare deductibles also. Our suggestion; get a lot more insurance but with the highest deductible. That will lower the cost substantially. More importantly, if (heaven forbid) there’s a total loss, you’ll get back a lot more money for your things.

The pick-up and delivery factors.

Locking your pick-up and delivery date is crucial. Some movers can’t or won’t do this. We recommend choosing a mover that will give you guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates. It’s the best way to be sure they arrive and deliver on time.

How to Choose the Best Movers in San Diego

You’re Ready to Choose the Best Movers in San Diego!

By following the tips and advice, above, you’re much more likely to pick an accurate mover. That’s crucial because moving estimate accuracy generally denotes moving service excellence. Here at StorAmerica, we help people moving around San Diego every day.

If you have questions about storage units in San Diego, chat with us online. You can also reserve or rent a storage unit San Diego storage unit in under 10 minutes. Even better, visit your local StorAmerica Self Storage facility and talk to the on-site manager. They are always available to show you our storage units and help you get the rental process started. Until then, Best of luck choosing a mover in San Diego. Remember, always compare apples to apples! That way, you won’t choose a mover that ends up being a lemon!

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