Is Moreno Valley Safe? What You Need To Know

When it comes to the question “is Moreno valley safe?” there’s some good news and some not-as-good news. The good news is that, overall, crime and safety in Moreno Valley aren’t woeful. The not-as-good news is that they need some improvement. Some parts of Moreno Valley can get a little scary after dark, and should probably be avoided. That being said, most of the neighborhoods here are quiet and safe.

One of the most important factors that everyone must consider before moving to a new city is the crime rate. All people want to live in a place where they feel safe and secure; it’s a universal desire. If they have a family to protect, as many Americans do, the need for safety is even greater. It’s no different in Moreno Valley, CA, a suburb of Riverside. Like most American cities, we have a few areas that aren’t as safe as we’d like.

If you’re moving to Moreno Valley and desire crime info before arriving, we put this article together just for you. CA Storage has storage units in Moreno Valley, and we know the area and our neighbors well. If knowing the safety situation in Moreno Valley is your goal, we invite you to read on.

What Are the Most Secure Neighborhoods?

As in most large suburbs, some neighborhoods in Moreno Valley are more safe than others. If you’re moving there and looking for a new home or place to rent, that’s essential information. On a nice, sunny day, some neighborhoods look inviting, but the story changes at night. Others might seem a little sketchy on the outside, but have a strong social presence and community bond. Below are the Top 10 communities in Moreno Valley as per Neighborhood Scout:

  1. Lasalle St/Iris Ave
  2. Cottonwood Ave/MorenoBeach Dr.
  3. Carrie Ln/Kalmia Ave
  4. Moreno
  5. Lassalle St/Krameria St
  6. Bos Springs
  7. Ironwood Ave/Perris Blvd
  8. Kitching St/Gentian Ave
  9. Belvedere Heights
  10. Davis Rd/Cactus Ave
Is Moreno Valley Safe

Moreno Valley gets a C for Crime and Safety

When looking at Moreno Valley as a safe place to live, you might look up the score for crime and safety. When you compare cities for crime rates, it can get confusing. The reason why is that companies base them on the ‘national average,’ which can skew the numbers greatly. Our C grade isn’t perfect, but it’s not awful if you look a little bit closer at the numbers (see below). We’re below the national average for every property crime except motor vehicle theft. As for violent crime, we’re equal to or below the national average on all four indexes.

Property crime is higher in Moreno Valley. Overall, we score 16.4 compared to the national average of 22.7 on violent crime. On property crime, however, we scored 44.5 compared to the national average of 35.4. In other words, you should always make sure your property is safe and secure. Many people rent storage units in Moreno Valley to do just that. They’re safe, secure, and have 24/7 security and keypad-controlled gates.

There is a High Diversity Level in Moreno Valley

One thing that sets some cities apart is their level of diversity. Studies show that the more diverse, the safer a town or suburb usually will be. When you look at the ethnic and economic diversity in Moreno Valley, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For overall diversity, we get a grade of A, which is fantastic! You’ll hear over three dozen languages spoken in Moreno Valley and many other dialects also. The education level here is above average, and the job market has increased for the last few years. It’s safe to say all of that is good news for Moreno Valley as education and economy are what power every great city!

Moreno Valley Ranks High in Many Areas

One of the things you can check when looking at a city is where they rank. For what? For practically everything! There are rankings now for things like “Most Fun City,” “Most Stress-Free City” and more! The good news is that Moreno Valley ranks well on many of the raking charts! Below are a few of the ones that make us most proud:

  • #28 Most Competitive Public Colleges
  • #20 Healthiest Cities
  • #19 Best Baseball Cities
  • #10 Most Popular Cities for the Holidays
  • #16 Best Cities for Teleworking
  • #19 Best Cities for Sleeping
  • #14 Best Gas Prices
Is Moreno Valley Safe
View towards Moreno Valley, California from the surrounding mountains.

To the question of whether or not Moreno Valley is safe, we would say this; we feel safe here. CA Storage operates several self-storage facilities here, and they’re all staffed. Our people report that Moreno Valley is quiet and uneventful and that most everyone they meet is kind. If you have questions about renting a storage space in Moreno Valley to store your things safely, we can help! You can chat with a friendly manager online or come in and see us! Until then, we wish you all the best here in Moreno Valley. We hope that, like us, you’ll love calling this place home!

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