Pros and Cons of Living in Victorville, CA

On the edge of the Mojave Desert lies the lovely city of Victorville, California. If you’re moving to Victorville and searching for all the info you can about the place, you’re in luck! We’ve got the most important pros and cons of living in Victorville, CA, below for you! From schools to crime rates, and more. We’ve got the facts and figures to tell you everything you need to know. It’s the essential information you need to uncover the pros and cons of living in Victorville, CA!

Pros of Living in Victorville, CA

It’s an Affordable California City

Compared to many California cities, Victorville is fairly affordable. With an overall cost of living score of 108/100, Victorville is only 8% higher than the national average. That’s outstanding, especially compared to several close cities, including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas. The low cost of living is certainly welcomed by many families who live here. It means they can put more money towards retirement or their children’s college education.

Victorville is Close to Las Vegas

Are you a big fan of Sin City and its excitement and fun? If yes, living in Victorville puts you within 90 minutes of that infamous city! You can take a weekend trip, catch a show, play Blackjack and be home in time for work on Monday! As far as the pros and cons of living in Victorville, CA, that’s a big pro! We love Vegas! 

pros and cons of living in Victorville CA

Housing Costs in Victorville are Some of the Lowest in California

If you’ve heard anything about California, it’s probably that housing prices are absurdly high. In Victorville, though, our housing prices are genuinely low and affordable. In fact, our housing cost index of 111 / 100 is one of the best in the Golden State. For example, the California housing cost average is 239 / 100, 128 points higher than Victorville! Compared to Rancho Cucamonga, CA (only 47 minutes away), our home prices are half of theirs! Victorville’s median home price of $333,400 means many more American families will be able to afford their own homes.  

Bear Mountain and Winter Sports are Less than 90 Minutes Away

Looking to escape the heat of Victorville and the Mojave Desert? If yes, no problem! Bear Mountain and all the winter sports you can handle are less than 90 minutes away!  That makes it easy to take a day trip and hit the slopes with your skis or snowboard. In less than 90 minutes, you’ll go from hot and dry to cold, snowy, and shredding! 

pros and cons of living in Victorville CA

Living in Victorville, CA Means Great Weather All Year

Being on the edge of the Mojave Desert does have some perks, one of which is the phenomenal weather. According to Best Places, our comfort index is 7.2 / 10, one of the best in California. Victorville sees over 300 days of sunshine, has low humidity, and rarely drops below 60° F during the day.

Cons of Living in Victorville, CA

Public Schools in Victorville Are Lacking

Although a pleasant and attractive town, there’s no denying that Victorville’s schools need some help. Niche gives our public school system a C, which any student will tell you is just OK. Of the 73 public schools in Victorville, only 4 receive an A. That number, unfortunately, is far fewer than most California cities. Three of those standout schools are Laverne Elementary Preparatory Academy (A) and University Preparatory (A-), and Heritage (A-). There are 19 schools that get a B, which is better than average. Our recommendation; choose your new Victorville neighborhood wisely. That way, your children will be in one of the better school districts.

Long Commute Times Living in Victorville, CA

Most folks know that Los Angeles has insane amounts of traffic. Out here in Victorville, however, we also get our fair share. That, unfortunately, is one of the reasons we have an unusually long commute time. It’s nearly 35 minutes one-way, almost 10 minutes longer than the national average! Victorville’s commute time is even longer than Los Angeles! (It’s about 30 minutes in La La Land.)

pros and cons of living in Victorville CA

Victorville has a Small Crime Problem

Sadly, crime is a concern for many Americans these days. In Victorville, our crime rates aren’t ridiculous, but they aren’t great either. For example, our violent crime rate is 26 / 100, about three points higher than the national average. Property crime is worse at 46 / 100, 10 points higher than the US average. However, one bit of good news is that, on average, Victorville is quiet and safe. (Like most cities, crime is highest in specific areas .)

Unemployment in Victorville is Double the National Average

One of the bigger pros and cons of living in Victorville, California, is the unemployment rate. Unemployment here is almost 12%, nearly double the national average. However, there is some good news as jobs have been increasing over the last few years. Our recommendation; if you can, secure employment before moving to Victorville, CA.

pros and cons of living in Victorville CA

All the Pros and Cons of Living in Victorville, CA

After reading the pros and cons of living in Victorville, CA, what do you think? In our opinion, the city is attractive, affordable and a great place to live and work. (Your opinion may differ, depending on your needs, desires, and lifestyle.)

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  1. Because of the military we had the oportunity to live in Victorville back in the 1970″s.
    I talk about it a lot to people. Wish I had stayed there, and would love to live there now. Sounds like it has grown a bit since I was there. We want to visit if the opportunity presents itself. The fact that there is close access to the bigger cities draws me to want to go back. Can viisit those places and return home without haveing to sprnd the night somewhere if I choose not to.

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