The Cost of Living in Victorville, CA

On the southern border of the Mojave Desert lies charming Victorville, California. Are you thinking of moving to Victorville, California, sometime soon? You’re likely searching for more than just amenities and attractions. For many American families, the cost of living is a significant factor in where to live and work. So if you’re thinking of moving, the information we’ve got will be very helpful. It’s everything you need to know about the cost of living in Victorville, California! We’ve got it all, from the cost of housing to healthcare, groceries, and transportation. For real-world information about how much it costs to live in Victorville, CA, read on!

As a medium-sized city of 125,000 souls, Victorville is a far cry from the big city lights of Los Angeles. It’s got a small-town vibe that many find very attractive. Not to mention a surprising number of attractions and activities. The Fire Museum, Route 66 Museum, and a fantastic Performing Arts Center are among them. The Triple-A High Desert Mavericks also make Victorville their home. We’re also the host of the excellent San Bernardino County Fair, which is one of the best in the country.

Note: The cost of living indices we‘ll be using today are based on the national average of 100. For example, if a cost index is 80/100, it is 20% lower than the national average. A cost index of 120/100 would be 20% higher than the national average. Got it? Excellent! Let’s move on.

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Victorville, California Cost of Living 108/100

Compared to Los Angeles, which is only 90 miles away, Victorville is very affordable. The cost of living difference between Victorville, CA, and LA is major. While Victorville is only 8% higher than the national average, Los Angeles is 73% higher! That’s something many American families will appreciate when living in Victorville. One of the primary reasons for the difference is the cost of housing. And we have more on that later.

Groceries in Victorville: Affordable 98/100

All parents know that putting nutritious food on your family’s table is important. Not to mention delicious food too! And in Victorville, CA, grocery costs are lower than the national average. Although grocery costs are only 2% lower, it’s still good to save a few bucks.

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Healthcare Costs in Victorville, CA: Affordable 87/100

One surprising cost index in Victorville is the cost of healthcare. With a score of 87/100, healthcare costs are 13% less than the national average. For retirees, that’s excellent news, and for families with young kids also. (Both tend to need medical care more often.) Saving 13% on emergency room visits, dental care, annual checkups, and prescriptions? Yes, please! Medical bills can quickly overcome a family’s budget so low medical costs are always a plus!

Utilities in Victorville, CA: More Expensive 116/100

One cost index that might surprise you in Victorville, CA, is the cost of utilities. They’re about 16% higher than the national average, which isn’t disastrous but still high. However, there is good news as Victorville has mild weather all year. For example, the comfort index in summer and winter is about 7/10. (The higher, the better.) Victorville also sees about three hundred days a year of sunshine and not a flake of snow. Being this close to the Mojave Desert, it’s also no surprise Victorville only gets 14 inches of rain a year. The point is that while utilities might cost more, you’ll be using less of them when you live in Victorville, CA.

Victorville Housing: Affordable (for CA) 111/100

A housing cost index of 111/100 doesn’t sound great at first. But when you realize that the housing index in LA is 300/100, it sounds way better! Victorville is an affordable option for California living! And considering that LA is 90 minutes away and Las Vegas is 3 hours, Victorville is in a great location for fun!

cost of living in victorville ca

Transportation Costs: Expensive 121/100

The highest cost index in Victorville is easily the cost of transportation. With a score of 121/100, transportation is over 20% higher than the national average. That includes gas, tolls, taxes, and car repairs. Our transportation fees are equal to those in San Diego, but our housing fees are a lot less! Unfortunately, with a commute time of 38 minutes one-way, you’ll be using your car a lot.

Miscellaneous Costs in Victorville, CA: Average 101/100

Our last cost index today covers miscellaneous costs. This means things like haircuts, manicures, electronics, and clothing. You won’t save a lot of money on your miscellaneous stuff, but you won’t spend more, either.

Self Storage in Victorville, California

If you’re moving to Victorville, California, it’s a good bet you’ll need self-storage. When you do, you can rest assured that CA Storage in Victorville has your back! We have seven self-storage locations in Victorville ready to serve all your storage needs. Our storage units in Victorville, CA, are clean, safe, and secure. They all offer 24/7 video security and on-site managers who keep a sharp eye on the place. Plus, all feature extra-large, keypad-controlled front gates.

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Victorville, CA, is an Affordable American City!

There’s no denying Victorville, California, is an affordable California city. Indeed, we’re very affordable compared to many other cities in the Golden State! Victorville has fantastic weather, good schools, diversity, and low commute times. In addition, it has opportunities for exciting nightlife and several excellent attractions. In short, Victorville, CA, is an affordable city and a pleasant place to live, work and enjoy life.

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24 thoughts on “The Cost of Living in Victorville, CA”

  1. Hi I live in Victorville, Ca. There’s a rise in crime , the housing market is at a half of million dollars, Food,Gas,Electric is very high and there isn’t anything to do in Victorville you have to go to L.A. to have a nice time. There’s no Jobs in Victorville. It use to be a cheap place to live but not anymore.

  2. I live here and I can tell you it does not have a small town feel it has a hills have eyes feel. The weather isn’t mild it is in the low 30s in the winter to over 110 degrees in the summer. We don’t have tolls. And houses generally cost less here that’s why people commute 50 miles one way to go to work. And you forgot 2 things there isn’t anything to do here at all. And there isn’t any work for people that don’t want to sell cars or work in the food industry. Most people that live in the high desert don’t work here.

  3. The cost of housing has increased a lot in the last few years, but Victorville is still affordable compared to many other cities in California.

  4. Thanks, Max for sharing your personal experience in Victorville! There are always pros and cons to any city, so it’s great to hear from someone firsthand.

  5. Some statistics on crime rates would be useful.
    A mention on the number and type of restaurants available would also be useful.

  6. I’ve lived up here for 40 years. It use to be like that but it’s over crowded now. Yes a lot of us work but it’s not enough with everything going up over here. 1200 to 2000 to rent a home. You have to drive down the hill to even make close to that. Oh and crime went. I love the people out here. Good people out here. I wish I could go back to this time your talking about. Good times.

  7. Well I think Victorville is a beautiful place to live most things are within a couple of hours or so not too bad this is California so expect he this is the desert it’s very cold in the winter very hot in the summer and if you don’t like it don’t move here. There are worse places to live pound for pound dollar for dollar this is a great place to raise your family but you must do just that raise your family.

  8. I moved from Downey to Victorville in 2021. The city was getting crowded and starting to show high crime. So me and my wife, made the cautious decision to purchase our house. I purchased a brand new home. In Downey I would be looking at almost a 100,000,000 . For smaller Sq. footage. This was a no brainer. It’s all about sacrifice.

  9. Thank you for sharing your insights about living in Victorville, Joseph. Living in a city with people you love is very important.

  10. We completely agree! Every city has different pros and cons, so choosing the right one for your family is important. But we love to hear that you’re happy in Victorville, CA!

  11. The affordable cost of buying a home in Victorville makes it a great choice in our book too!

  12. Victorville despite a lack of jobs available is a great alternative for retired persons. There are quality restaurants, a few good places for entertainment and there are still great quiet affordable neighborhoods. The dry climate is much more bearable than the humid weather down the hill. Only 3 hours from Vegas, an hour away from mountain communities like Lake Arrowhead, only 30 minutes to Wrightwood. The Beach is about an hour and half away.

  13. True crime is up. The utilities are not cheap, especially in the summer, it’s really hot, you have to run your air and that is Very expensive. The winter gets pretty darn cold, even though it doesn’t snow that often. The desert isn’t for everyone. It’s pretty harsh here.

  14. I haved lived in Victorville for 10 yrs, worked here for 50. I’ve seen a lot of changes ,most for the better. Someone said the temp range is as low as the 30’s and high as the 110, but neither are regular temperatures. overall the temp averages 95 in the summer, and it’s a dry season not like the Riverside , ALA or OC humid weather. People are moving here for a reason, it gives you a good quality of life, that is truly affordable for So. Ca.
    There are 5 golf courses, good restaurants, movie theaters, it’s 45 minutes to Big Bear, 1 1/2 hrs to the beach at Dana pt., just short of 3 hrs to Vegas. And the Sun City Dell Webb 55 or older community is awesome. Don’t want to live in a 55 or older, DON’T, there are custom gated communities that rival the OC at a fraction of the price OR you can live in Spring Valley Lake, where you have a lake for boating, beach area, parks, community center, 24 hr security, an 18 hole pro golf course with clubhouse, pool, tennis, gym, restaurant, and the HOA fee is no where near what the OC fees would be.
    I’m not trying to sell you anything, I’m just telling you the facts, do we have crime, you, just like every other city on So Ca. What we don’t have are streets and streets of homeless encampments, yet that is.
    Want to really see the high desert take a trip out the i15, get off at Bear Valley rd, travel east 2 to 3+ miles then keep going and go up to Big Bear for a nice cool hike.

  15. You definitely make a strong case for retiring in Victorville! A quiet town with good restaurants and neighborhoods sounds perfect for retirement. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  16. Thanks for adding your experience! Harsh weather is definitely something to be aware of for people considering living in the desert.

  17. Wow, thank you for sharing so much about your experience, you must be a true local expert!

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