Self Storage Acquisitions

StorAmerica is always looking for opportunities to expand in order to provide customers with the best self storage experience. With 75 stores throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California, we are open to growing our dynamic business by taking on new properties. If you are looking to sell your self storage facilities, our highly knowledgeable acquisitions team can step in to help you develop an exit strategy. 

Our qualified buyers are currently interested in acquiring facilities in Southern California, Phoenix, and the Las Vegas areas. They will work hard to ensure you get a fair and competitive price for your facility. If you are interested in selling your property, contact us at with any questions or information, and we will work together towards a valuable solution.


Tips for Selling Your Self Storage Facility

  • Do a Thorough Inspection. Before placing your self storage property on the market, make sure you carefully look over everything. Fix anything that might be broken, damaged or outdated, and make any necessary touchups to your facility. Having a clean, presentable property will attract more potential buyers.
  • Prepare Your Financial Statements. Some self storage buyers may cut to the chase and immediately want to know how much it costs to operate your facility, and what expenses you’ve had over the past year. Make sure your records are up-to-date and accurate, so you are organized and prepared when negotiations begin.
  • Organize the Fine Details. Once a potential buyer has the financial details, they will want to know the ins and outs of your facility. How many of your units are climate controlled? How many have gated access? Where are those specific units located on your property? Having all of the details prepared is necessary for a potential buyer so they can do an accurate pricing assessment of your facility.
  • Stay Up to Code. While this may seem obvious, it is extremely important to a buyer that your government approvals, certificates and licenses are organized. Many purchasers require financing, which means making sure everything is up-to-date for banks and lenders.
  • Get Professional Insight. Getting an appraisal will give you a clearer picture of your property’s value compared to the market. It may also be beneficial to seek advice from a self storage broker, who would have specific knowledge and experience in the industry.

When you are ready to sell your property in Southern California, Phoenix, or the Las Vegas areas, our professional staff is waiting to help. We would love the opportunity to partner with you today!

Reach us at for more information, or for an assessment of your property’s value.