Storage Support

Storage Solutions Tailored for You

Discover a range of support features for your storage needs. Explore our Unit Protection Plans and Parking Protection Plans to secure your belongings. Utilize our size guides for easy unit selection and peruse through FAQs for quick assistance. Benefit from our monthly rentals, storage tips, and a variety of packing supplies to make your storage experience hassle-free. We've got everything you need for a seamless and secure storage solution. 

Packing Supplies

When you rent with StorAmerica Management, you can enjoy the convenience of having everything you need right here onsite. Our offices stock a variety of supplies to make your move simple and fast, including different sizes of boxes and all the tape you could ever want! We're doing everything in our power to make sure your move is as successful as possible, so stop by any one of our locations to purchase what you need, or, during your move, supplement your supplies to make that one final adjustment to your packing before you finalize your move.

Monthly Rentals

Committing to one self storage unit for a long time isn't ideal for everyone, which is why we offer month-to-month rental options for those who aren't sure how long they need storage, how much storage they need, or for those who are only looking for a temporary solution. The best part about month-to-month rentals is that if something comes up and you find yourself in need of a more extended storage stay, no problem!

Unit Protection Plan

Be ready for the unexpected and protect your belongings in the event of theft, inclement weather, or other unforeseen events by choosing our protection plan. Choose from two tailored protection plans designed to meet your specific needs. Our Unit Protection Plans safeguard a variety of items, providing comprehensive coverage against water damage, theft, and even document re-creations.


Parking Protection Plan

Our Parking Protection Plan comes with no deductible and covers losses arising from theft, fire, or windstorm. Enhance your coverage with $1000 in parking protection for only $20 a month. Affordable and comprehensive, our plans ensure peace of mind for your valuable assets.