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Business Storage


The fact is, commercial real estate is pricey. You want your company to grow, though, and keep expanding your reach to new customers. That means you need the room to grow into, yet sometimes your space can’t keep up with the demand for it. When running a business in California, Arizona, and Nevada causes you to run out of room in your office, retail space, or even your warehouse – it’s time to look into affordable business storage with StorAmerica!

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How Businesses In California and Arizona Use Self Storage

There are many ways businesses use self storage to find relief from cramped working conditions. Here are just a few examples of how to take advantage of a storage unit near your business:


Store Records and Files

Client files, employee documents, human resources-related paperwork – it all piles up, fast. A few filing cabinets can turn into rows of paper-stuffed space that takes over valuable real estate. It’s time to get your files in order in self storage! We have a load of tips and advice for how to organize, transport and store your records and files, including important things to think about when choosing a storage unit. Read all about records and file storage now.


Expand a Home Office

For small business owners that work out of their home office, it’s so important to keep work and personal life separate – as much as possible. More often than not, work begins to spill into other areas of the house, like the garage, basement, and sometimes the living spaces. Self storage offers the room to spread out, allowing you to keep everything organized and in its place. Which means the entire family can take back space at home to use for living, not working.


Manage Retail Overflow

When a hot item is flying off the shelves, seasonal products need a place to wait it out, or buying patterns promise an uptick in certain sales, storage units come in handy for the overflow. Having that extra space in your back pocket helps keep your front pockets full, by offering you a place to temporarily store the items that can’t fit or don’t belong on the shelves every single day. A quick trip down to your storage unit means your shelves never sit empty.


Store Extra Equipment

Mechanics, construction, landscapers and many other companies are known for their big, heavy equipment that’s quick to take up too much room. Self storage near your business or geographical work zone clears up space and offers a convenient place to put extra or temporarily disabled equipment. Added security features such as video monitoring, gated access, fencing and more work to protect items from theft.


Use it for Temporary Storage

Are you a home decorator or staging company? Do you manage the grounds at an apartment complex? Jobs that require fluid amounts of storing space find solace in what self storage offers. Climate controlled units provide a clean, quality place to temporarily put items you need quick and convenient access to. Drive up units get you in and out in a snap. And added security helps to keep it all safe.


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  • Drive up units for easy access
  • Free online bill pay that works with your busy schedule
  • Enhanced security options to help keep your items safe
  • Convenient month-to-month leasing