*Please be advised that all auctions scheduled for March, April, May, and June 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Check our auctions page regularly to see if there are any storage unit auctions in your area.

StorAmerica Self Storage and California Arizona Storage Centers hold two different types of auctions for unpaid leases on mini storage units: either the contents of the units for auction will be sold as a lot or per item. These auctions are a great opportunity for finding unique bargains. Auctions at storage facilities go quickly and can be exciting for new participants. Typically lasting less than 30 minutes, auctions can be a great source for finding valuable treasures at a fraction of their value. Items can then be sold for profit at flea markets or online auctions, like eBay.


Rules and Regulations

1. Successful bidders must pay with cash. No checks will be accepted.
2. Purchaser must buy everything in the space.
3. Sales tax must be paid or buyers must present completed resale or exemption certificate for every unit they purchase. The signature on each certificate must be original and currently dated; no posted or pre-dated certificates will be accepted.
4. All goods are sold as is; there are no warranties or guarantees. Bids will be made based on visual inspection only. Bidders will not be allowed to handle goods nor walk through the space prior to sale.
5. No trash may be thrown in StorAmerica trash containers. All trash must be removed from the property after sale is completed.


Auction Schedule Auctions

*Auction times, dates, and unit counts are subject to change. Please call the property to confirm the day before or day of an auction.