Climate Controlled Storage


Sometimes the items you need to store aren't bothered by changing temperatures, or you aren't planning to store for very long. In those cases, a standard unit works great. There are other times, that the items you're storing need special care - and that's where climate controlled storage steps in. 

How Climate Controlled Storage Works

There are several types of climate controlled units that facilities offer. There are heated units best suited for colder climates, and cooled units that work hard in warm temperatures. There are also humidity controlled options that maintain the level of moisture in the air. Then there are standard climate controlled units that provide a balanced temperature all year round. Here at StorAmerica, that's where we shine - especially when the sun shines the brightest in California, Arizona, and Nevada skies. 

Our climate controlled units are designed to maintain a steady temperature no matter what it feels like outside. The items you have stored inside aren't impacted by the consequences of ups and downs, like cracking, fading, and warping. 

Generally, climate controlled units are more expensive than standard units. This is because of the added costs of running thus type of service, as well as costs to maintain the systems that provide this feature. Not keeping your delicate belongings in the right setting, though may end up costing a lot more. 

Items to store in Climate Controlled Units

While anything can be stored in temperature controlled units, there are certain fragile or expensive items that would benefit from a balanced storing experience. Some include:

  • Leather furniture
  • Clothing and linens
  • Computers, TVs, and other electronic equipment
  • Antique wood furniture
  • Photos, books, and other paper materials
  • Appliances and cooking equipment
  • Retail products
  • Business records

Besides the items on this list, there are a few things you can ask yourself when deciding if you need a climate controlled unit. How long will I be storing my stuff? Is it more expensive to fix than the added cost of this type of unit? Is it irreplaceable if it gets damaged? Even if I only plan to store for a little bit, will my things be OK if they end up staying there a while? Answering these questions will help you make the right choice, but if you still need help deciding, our facility staff and managers can help!

How to Prep for Climate Controlled Storage

It's true that temperature controlled units offer a higher level of protection from more than just changing weather. They keep your items better protected from dust and allergens, and being indoors keeps the pests out. Yet that doesn't mean you should just load up your stuff and dump it in. We're sharing some tips to prepping some items commonly stored in climate controlled units.

  • Give all of your wood furniture a thorough wipe down with cleaner and a light coat of wax
  • Prepare your leather items with leather cleaner and protectant
  • When storing your clothing, place sheets of tissue paper between each item to prevent moisture build up
  • Avoid plastic totes, as they encourage moisture and mold growth
  • De-hair your furniture and clean it of any stains to not attract pests
  • Make sure all appliances are fully cleaned, dried, and wiped down of debris
  • Cover artwork, fabric covered furniture, and even wood furniture with a cotton sheet so air can flow through and help prevent moisture build up.  

Get more helpful tips from our extensive moving guide and when you're ready to pack up the truck, we can guide you there, too!

Now that you know how climate controlled storage works, what items to store, and how to get them ready to go - all that's left is to find a StorAmerica facility that offers climate control near you. Use our facility search tool to locate a unit now!