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San Tan Valley, AZ Self Storage Units

Storage Units San Tan Valley, AZ

StorAmerica Self Storage is your #1 choice when you need clean, secure, and cheap storage units in San Tan Valley, AZ! StorAmerica Self Storage in San Tan Valley provides many features that you need in order to have a great storage experience. Gated access, video surveillance, month-to-month leases, are just a few to name. Other nearby areas we serve are Queen Creek, Ironwood Crossing, Taylor Ranch, Wayne Ranch, Pecan Creek, Moon Shadow, and more! If you need help determining what size storage unit you need, take a look at our storage unit size guide. Once you're ready, you can easily reserve your San Tan Valley storage units online because there's no deposit and no credit card needed! Visit or call your nearest StorAmerica Self Storage facility today!

Self Storage Unit Features in San Tan Valley, AZ

Although different from moving from one house to another, moving things into a storage unit can be just as much work, stress, and sweat. At StorAmerica Self Storage, our storage units in San Tan Valley, AZ, have all the features you need to make storing your valuables significantly easier. We’ve listed all those features below and the valuable benefits they provide.

Safety Features and Benefits:

  • A fully-fenced facility
  • Well-lit storage facility with 24/7 video security cameras
  • Electronic gate access
  • On-site managers
  • Locks available to purchase
  • Insurance plans available

Convenient Features and Benefits:

  • Drive-up storage units- to make loading and unloading easier
  • Free carts and dollies- available to help you move stuff around
  • Climate controlled storage (Call ahead to confirm availability)
  • 7-day a-week access to your storage unit
  • Online management and payment of your account
  • Monthly storage leases only (See more below.)

Storage Unit Size Guide

The following storage unit sizes are available in San Tan Valley, AZ. We’ve noted what they can hold, but please see our storage unit size guide for a better idea. Also, be aware that other sizes are also available. (The sizes below are the most popular.)

5’ x 5’ - These are the smallest units, suitable for a dorm room or small bedroom full of stuff.

10’ x 10’ - You’ll get double the space with a 10’ x 10’ unit and be able to store content from a 1-bedroom apartment in one.

10’ x 15’ - This is the smallest storage unit that will hold a compact car. 

10’ x 20’ - This is the size you need to store content from a 2 to 3-bedroom home. It’s also a good choice to store overstock, parts, and other items you need to access often.

10’ x 25’ - Content from a 3 to 4-bedroom home will fit in a 10 x 25’ storage unit. A full-size car or a small boat will fit, too.

What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Climate controlled storage units are a special type of storage unit that keeps the temperature inside stable throughout the year. The temperature is typically between 55°F and 85°F, meaning any items inside will never freeze or be subjected to sweltering heat. Also, these units typically have less humidity and are a good choice for items that can't take high humidity levels.

Typical household items, including furniture, clothing, toys, outdoor items, and so forth, will probably be fine in a regular storage unit. The items that you should consider putting into a self storage unit with climate control include the following:

  • Medical equipment
  • Antique furniture
  • Photographs and antique paperwork
  • Wine or beer collections
  • Collectible collections, including Lego, comic books, action, figures, etc.
  • High-end electronic equipment
  • Wood or leather furniture
  • Anything that can't be subjected to extreme heat or cold

Monthly Rentals

One feature that sets StorAmerica apart from other storage facilities is that we offer monthly rentals. Month-to-month rentals protect you from getting trapped in a long-term contract. If your plans suddenly change, you can move out quickly and with no penalties as long as you give your StorAmerica facility proper notice. In other words, with StorAmerica, you'll never be trapped in a long-term storage contract because we don't offer them.

Can you Store Vehicles in a Storage Unit?

You can store vehicles in a storage unit. Please call our facility before renting for vehicle storage to confirm availability and to make sure your vehicle will fit. There are a few requirements to store a vehicle, including the following;

  • Any vehicle stored must be in running condition
  • All vehicles stored must be registered and have insurance
  • Your storage unit’s garage door must be able to close and lock fully once the vehicle is inside.
  • A drive-up storage unit is needed