Protection Plan


Life is unpredictable, even at a secure self storage facility! Be ready for the unexpected and protect your belongings in the event of theft, inclement weather, or other unforseen events by choosing our protection plan! When your storage unit is covered by SecureLease® through StorAmerica Self  Storage and CA Storage Centers, you'll never have to worry about what the things you can't control.

Leases Protected By SecureLease®:

  • SecureLease® is responsible for new replacement costs for your goods
  • SecureLease® takes responsibility in the event of theft
  • SecureLease® takes responsibility for water damage in the event of windstorm, roof leak or broken pipes
  • SecureLease® takes responsibility for household and COMMERCIAL goods
  • SecureLease® covers document recovery reimbursements

SecureLease® Coverage Options:

$3000 in protection for only $12 a month
$5000 in protection for only $15 a month

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Notice: SecureLease® is not an insurance policy and the Owner is not an insurance company. The Owner shall perform the obligations described in the SecureLease® addendum. The Owner assumes this business risk on his/her own, but he/she may purchase insurance coverage to transfer part or all of the liability retained under this SecureLease®. Owner is receiving revenue and profit from the 'Tenant Protection Plan' transactions. This plan may be subject to a deductible.