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Boulder City, NV Self Storage Units

Storage Units Boulder City, NV

When you need to find storage units in Boulder City, NV, look no further than StorAmerica Self Storage. With top features and benefits you need, we make your self storage experience easier, less stressful, and more convenient. Our month-to-month storage unit rentals are easier on your finances, and our wide range of storage unit sizes makes it easy to rent the perfect one for your needs. When ready, click the link to reserve secure and cheap storage units in Boulder City, NV, from StorAmerica Self Storage.

StorAmerica Self Storage Features

At CA Storage, we know moving into a storage unit can be stressful and heavy work. That’s why we offer the top self storage features in the industry to make your storage experience easier, faster, and less stressful.

Safety and Security Features:

  • A fully-fenced, well-lit facility with 24/7 video cameras
  • An electronic, keypad-controlled entrance gate
  • Tenant protection plans for more peace of mind
  • An on-site manager on duty
  • Convenience Features
  • Access to your storage unit 7 days a week
  • Vehicles storage, including cars, trucks, boats, and RVs
  • Convenient drive-up units
  • Outdoor parking spaces
  • A wide range of packing and moving supplies available for purchase

Boulder City, NV, Storage Unit Size Guide

StorAmerica offers storage units in various sizes to fit every storage need. Whether you’re an empty-nester repurposing a bedroom, a university student going to study abroad, or a homeowner who needs to store the contents of a 3-bedroom, 4-bath home, StorAmerica Self Storage has the storage unit you need to store your things safely and securely. The following are some of our most popular sizes, although many more storage unit sizes are available at StorAmerica!

5’ x 10’ - Content from a dorm room or small bedroom will fit in this storage unit. You could also store 8 to 10 4-drawer filing cabinets and have space to open them, along with about 40 small boxes.

5’ x 15’- Many rental business owners use these long storage units to store kayaks, canoes, bicycles, and other sporting equipment.

10’ x 10’ - Content from a 1-bedroom apartment should fit nicely inside this size unit if packed well.

10’ x 15’ - This storage unit is the smallest that will fit a compact car like a Nissan Cube.

12’ x 30’ - The contents of a 3-bedroom house.

13’ x 39’ - These are the largest storage units we offer at this facility!

What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Climate controlled storage units are specialized storage units that keep the temperature inside above freezing and below sweltering throughout the year. They are also humidity controlled which helps keep certain items from getting damaged. Typically, a climate controlled storage unit will stay between 55°F and 85°F, protecting the contents from extreme temperatures on both ends. Several items would benefit from climate controlled storage, especially during long-term storage. Those items include the following:

  • Medical equipment.
  • High-end electronic equipment.
  • Wine or beer collections
  • Antique furniture and other items
  • Book or photography collections
  • Artwork
  • Collectibles, including toys, Legos, action figures, dolls, etc.

In the interest of transparency, not all items need climate controlled storage. Unless you're in a very hot and humid US area or a freezing area in winter, typical household items, including particular furniture, clothing, toys, etc., probably don’t need climate controlled storage. (It’s up to you to decide.)

Monthly Rentals

At CA Storage, we understand that even the best-laid plans can sometimes change. You might have moved your things into storage, planning to leave them safely and securely with us for a year and 3 weeks later, your plans change entirely, and you need everything again. Our monthly storage unit rentals empower you to change your plans without fear of being stuck in a long-term rental contract. We offer month-to-month contracts because they’re the best for you, our valued customer.

Can You Store a Vehicle in a Storage Unit?

Storing a vehicle in a storage unit is not only possible; millions of people do it all the time. That's because, inside a storage unit, an automobile, truck, boat, motorcycle, Jetski, or even an ATV will stay clean, pristine, and away from the elements.

To store a vehicle in a storage unit, several qualifications must be met:

  • Your entire vehicle must fit inside your storage unit
  • The door must be able to close and lock.
  • The vehicle must be in running condition.
  • All vehicles must be registered and insured.
  • A drive-up storage unit will be needed.