Keeping Our Facility Secure and Crime-Free

Choose to store with us, and you’re choosing a secure storage facility that works hard to keep your things safe. We provide up to four points of additional security that help manage entry into the facility, and contribute to lowering the chance of theft or criminal activity. Learn more about each point, and how it aids in maintaining the quality of your storage experience.


Gated Access

When you rent a unit, you’ll get a unique access code that lets you get in and out as you need. While that’s an added convenience to you, it also works to keep out those who aren’t supposed to be there. Without a code, vehicles won’t be able to enter – therefore limiting theft and crime.


Fully Fenced Facilities

Many of our locations have fencing around the entire perimeter of facility, which isn’t designed for looks. It’s designed to make accessing the facility by vehicle near impossible. It also controls access by foot to the location entrance, where the next layer of security steps in.


Video Monitoring

Security cameras can be found in the entrance, in the facility office, or in certain areas of the grounds. It’s a 24-hour watchful eye that acts as a deterrence to criminal activity, and also lets the staff to know what is going on outside their line of sight. But it’s not just during office hours that someone is there to act as one more security point.


Resident Manager

At various StorAmerica locations, we have a resident manager that – yep – resides at the facility day and night. They live there! And that means they keep watch over everything going on. They work closely with law enforcement to learn signs of suspicious activity, and guide police officers through training programs. If criminal activity occurs, the resident manager can be there to quickly call in police. Yet there’s more than one way we work with local law enforcement.


International Crime Free Self Storage Program

When you choose StorAmerica, you’re also choosing to support a crime-free storing experience. We’re proud to be a part of the International Crime Free Self Storage Program, which has six big goals:

  • Pledge to have 100% occupation by law-abiding tenants
  • Pledge to provide a safe, secure place for our tenants
  • Pledge to stop criminals from renting
  • Pledge to lower and prevent crimes from happening in or around the facility
  • Pledge to decrease the amount of time between a criminal event and discovery of it
  • Pledge to increase the recovery of stolen property

In order to stay a part of this program, there are many things our facilities do. We also work with our tenants, law enforcement and our security systems to ensure we keep up with the requirements. Learn more about the program and what it means for you!


Crime Free Program 


6 Ways You Can Help Store Safely

  • Use a disc lock or cylinder lock to best protect your unit
  • Know what’s in your unit, and keep a list of model and serial numbers
  • Give your manager 2-3 emergency contacts
  • Keep an eye out when you visit your unit, and report anything suspicious to a manager
  • Store your most valuable items in the very back of the unit
  • Limit the number of people who get your gate access code


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